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marantz 5004

Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
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    bookshelf speakers for marantz 5004 amplifier

    Hi Folks, I have Marantz 5004 amplifier and looking for details and warm sound quality bookshelf speakers within 35k INR. Could anyone suggest me some speakers for audition.
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    Marantz PM 5004/5 vs Emotiva X-A100 mini vs Yamaha R-S 201

    Hey everyone, So I decided to ditch my t-amp and get an good old a/b amp. Now I shortlisted it down to these, I have already auditioned the marantz and the yamaha, will try the Emotiva also tomorrow. The two do sound different(tested with different speakers, but both sound good to me) I...
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    Not happy with my Marantz 5004 + Pioneer BS22

    Recently , I bought a Marantz PM5004 and a pair of Pioneer BS22 bookshelf speakers. I am using my PC as the source. Using Monster Speaker cables to connect the amplifier to the speakers and a local made Stereo to RCA cable (5 meters) to connect my PC to the Amp. I am not very satisfied with...
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    Future ready OPTIMUM setup for Audio/Video

    Hi, First of all, pardon me for a detailed post. :o I wanted to give as much information as I can about setup + thought process + research so that it will be easier for the GURUs here to comment / suggest. OPTIMUM = best possible w.r.t. budget & needs * Needs mostly are somewhat...

    Buying my First Music System- It is not that simple!!!

    Hi Guys, After 2 months of research and auditions I had zeroed in on quad 11l2 (33k) and the Marantz 5004 (19K). Loved the sound of it. Was about to pay for it until... my wife suggested that we should try listening to an Mp3 since we were listening to wav files till then. The world...
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    Decision Time: Marantz 5004 or Denon 2310

    Dear Sr. Boarders/ Experts: I have been following various threads in this forum for the last 2 mnths and slowly learnt a lot abt variuos aspects of audio/ video from you guys. I already have a 40"SONY and want to augment it with a HT setup. The spkrs has to be Sonodyne - decided, as I had...