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marantz 5005

Mogami Cables
  1. Bloom@83

    Help required with Schitt Modi2 Uber

    Hello I have a Marantz PM5005 paired to Elac B6.source is a very cheap Samsung DVD Player. I've decided to purchase Schitt Modi2 Uber . https://www.headphonezone.in/collections/dacs/products/schiit-modi-2-uber However ,as I'm technically not very knowledgable -require a few basic...
  2. A

    Marantz PM 5004/5 vs Emotiva X-A100 mini vs Yamaha R-S 201

    Hey everyone, So I decided to ditch my t-amp and get an good old a/b amp. Now I shortlisted it down to these, I have already auditioned the marantz and the yamaha, will try the Emotiva also tomorrow. The two do sound different(tested with different speakers, but both sound good to me) I...
  3. utkarsh

    Help me choose some floor standers

    Hi all, I'm currently running a month old MS Aviano 2,5 on Marantz 5005. As suggested by Gurus i have to buy Floorstanders for punch and thump. My primary focus is music rather than movies but it would be nice if they dealt with movies reasonably well. I will have no chance of any demo...
  4. utkarsh

    Velodyne Impact 10 poor performance

    Hi All, I just got an Velodyne Impact 10 and overall im not satisfied with the performance :mad:. I can't listen any thump while playing mp3 & Flac songs. Bass improves when feeding with DTS and Dolby Digital but not upto my taste. I have read some good reviews for Velodyne Impact here...
  5. utkarsh

    Y-adapter for subwoofer?

    Hey all, I just picked up a Velodyne Impact Sub today to hook up to my Marantz Sr5005 receiver. The receiver has a mono subwoofer out but the subwoofer has a stereo input. I've heard some people say to use a mono cable and just hook it into either the left or right input on the sub and others...
  6. utkarsh

    Speakers options for Marantz SR 5005

    I have purchased Marantz SR5005 from Hifimart now waiting for delivery. After much consideration and reading, I'm still not able to choose which speakers I should get for my Marantz SR5005AV receiver Option 1. Center Aviano 5 Rs14000 Bookshelf Aviano 2...