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marantz cd 6003

  1. sound_machine

    Wanted Looking for a used Marantz CD 6003

    I know its a long shot, but if anybody is willing to part with their Marantz CDP 6003, just in case you are upgrading(probability is high I believe), do let me know. Am willing to shell out 10k(Sweet Spot) and 12k(Max) for the CDP. If you have one, will be great if you could share the age...
  2. thekinge

    Purchased a Marantz CD 6003 AND Emotiva ERC-1

    Hi All, I purchased a Marantz CD 6003 CD player few days back and in a weak (read impulsive) moment, I ordered the Emotiva ERC-1 CD player yesterday night! The Emotiva will reach me in Dubai by 15th June. Hope to do a A/B comparison in my setup. Both are pretty good CD players, but I will be...