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marantz pm 7001

  1. TaureanBull

    Preamp for TT or Integrated Amp???

    Hi guys I am planning to buy a TT. Budget 15-20k. Can anyone tell me abt Numark TT-200?? Howz the piece? or should i go for Denon DP-300F/ProJect Debut III? More importantly, I was planning to buy NAD PP2/PP3 phone preamp but I realised that Marantz PM 7001 which also I am planning to buy...
  2. H

    Audio cd player for Marantz pm7001

    Hi, My current set up is Marantz PM7001 amp+Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 Spkrs+Philips stand alone CD Player-CD165 + Philips DVD player. Thing is like,Bass output is very loose(low on mid bass) when i play CDs on CD players, but same CDs sounds good(punchy bass) when I play them on DVD player...