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marantz pm6004

AV Cables
  1. vikramdesigner

    Amp for Kef Q300 - Marantz PM6005 DAC/NAD C356BEE DAC

    Hi guys, As per online reviews Marantz PM6004 is the best matching amp for KEF Q300 , but the power will be very low(45X2) if i want to upgrade these bookshelf speakers later with floor standing. One of my friend and few dealers suggested me to buy NAD C356BEE with DAC , they say its also a...
  2. prajith25

    Wanted Marantz pm6004 integrated amplifier

    Hi, i am looking for used marantz pm6004 integrated amplifier. Anyone thinking of an upgrade, Please PM me.
  3. R

    Marantz PM6004 Versus Topping TP60

    I am in the market looking to purchase a two-channel amplifier to be used mainly for listening to music in the living room. I'm currently considering between Marantz PM6004 and Topping TP60. Can you please let me know which in your opinion is better between the two in terms of music quality...
  4. J

    Any one driving a 3 way / 2.5 way Floor Stander using Marantz PM 6004?

    Hi, Would like to know if any one is driving a 3 way/2.5 way FS with Marantz 6004? Is 45W/ch@8Ohms PM6004 capable of driving a KEF FS? Thanks, John.
  5. B

    Connecting two integrated amplifiers together

    I have recently upgraded my stereo to and I am unsing a marantz PM6004 integrated amp and cd player. A friend said that it could be possible to connect my old integrated amp to my new stereo (biamping) to improve the sound. Is this possible? If so what sort of cables will I need to help me...
  6. canchi

    My 2nd HT: Marantz with KEFs

    Folks, Have finally got my 2nd HT set-up in place. Marantz PM 6004 Amp KEF Q300 Bookshelves PS3 Slim as the BDP LG LED 3D 42" LW5700 Hathway SD set-top box Dell Studio Laptop I use this mainly for music listening and occasionally for movies/TV, I use my first HT set-up now mainly...