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marantz pm6005

Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. noblejose

    Matching Amp for KEF Q300

    Hello, I've just bought a KEF Q300:yahoo: (used, 1year old) from a fellow music lover. He paired it with Audio Refinement 'Complete' stereo amp. It sounded awesome; especially the imaging, music instruments separation etc. In my case, I need a DAC, as many of my collections are FLAC and also...
  2. vikramdesigner

    Amp for Kef Q300 - Marantz PM6005 DAC/NAD C356BEE DAC

    Hi guys, As per online reviews Marantz PM6004 is the best matching amp for KEF Q300 , but the power will be very low(45X2) if i want to upgrade these bookshelf speakers later with floor standing. One of my friend and few dealers suggested me to buy NAD C356BEE with DAC , they say its also a...
  3. S

    Looking for my 1st stereo amp. Utterly confused

    Hi All - I'm utterly confused between the Yamaha AS500, Marantz PM6005 and the NAD 326BEE & 356 BEE DAC. I would prefer a built in DAC - which means either the 6005 or the 356. But again I had planned to spend not more than Rs 40,000 & the NAD 356 @ La-kozy is quoted 50% higher.' I...