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  1. V

    SOLD Price drop! : Wharfedale Diamond 225 bookshelf speakers. Marantz PM5005

    Update: Just tried out the 225 with my newly acquired Audio Refinement Complete in a new room with a few new acoustic sound proofing blankets so I could really crank up the volume on some Iron Maiden, Metallica and Motorhead. Sublime. Withdrawing the 225 from sale. Going to be my heavy metal...
  2. T

    Which power conditioner should i buy ?

    Hello, My setup consists of Sony VPL VW550ES, Marantz AV8802A Processor, MM8077 & MM7025 Amplifiers, SA100 Subwoofer Amplifier, OPPO UHD Blu ray player. Processor was connected to projector through QED HDMI, few days back i switched on the system and played blu ray but no video ouput was there...
  3. S

    Marantz SR6006 overheating - need help/advise

    Hi, I purchased a used SR6006. Hooked to Onkyo 8 Ohm 5.1 speakers (from the previous, dead, Onkyo receiver). Issue I am facing is that, unless the room is airconditioned, the system rapidly heats up and shuts down, even at low volumes. I added two fans under the top cover, powered externally...
  4. N

    Marantz NR1200 or Marshal Stanmore 2

    Dear All I am comparing apples to oranges, but still should I buy a Bluetooth speaker like Marshal Stanmore 2 for my home or Marantz NR1200 where in I could connect my existing Norge Speakers and play music via my phone?
  5. reachkalyan.kr

    Streaming Device for Stereo

    Hi all, I am looking for streaming/Transport device which can stream from NAS ( with help of Android device - ) Basic requirements for dedicated stereo setup 1) NAS => PC ( controlled by Android apps)=> DAC=> IA/Poweramp/stereo amp/Receiver 2) Controlled by Bubble upnp /Plex similar Android...
  6. R

    SOLD Marantz PM7005 for Sale with Box, Bill and Accessories

    Hello everyone, I am selling away my Marantz PM7005 as I am upgrading to Marantz SR6013. Purchased from Hi-Fi Mart with Receipt. Price expected - Rs. 40000 Ownership history - First Working & cosmetic condition - 10/10 No dents and scratches at all. No service history. Age 2.3 years - Not used...
  7. V

    Right price for sr7002

    Hi, In two minds to dispose off Marantz sr7002 or shift it to the bedroom, as I have bought sr5013 for the 4k TV. I have enough speakers for the same for both living and bed room so that is not an issue as well as TV's. Bedroom TV is 1080p so sr7002 works well with that. Suggestions please...
  8. vicky_crispy

    Wanted Speakers and sub needed for 5.2.2 or 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos Setup

    Hi Guys, I am an enthusiast on a budget trying to build my first home theater setup. I was earlier using a Logitech Z5500 and currently own Logitech Z623. I recently purchased a LG C8 55" OLED TV, while I already own an Xbox One X. Hence the itch to get a full fledged home theater has started...
  9. R


    Dear All, Letting go of my Marantz PM 7005 Integrated amplifier, Age: 2 Years Reason for sale : Up gradation Working Condition: 10/10 Cosmetic Condition: 10/10 Expected Price: Rs. 40000 Shipping : Possible, at buyers risk and cost. I have the bill, box , Remote control and Power cord
  10. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD Marantz SR7011

    For sale. Oops!. .Sorry forgot to update ! Marantz Sold to FM on 3rd August. Mods pls close the thread. Beloved Marantz SR 7011. Age - 1.5 years -No warranty left out. No repair history. Condition - As such it looks brand new .Due to age criteria i would rate 9/10 Used under Air com infinity...
  11. seshboxhq

    New Home theatre setup advice

    Hi people, I'm building a dedicated theatre room in my new home which is roughly 13 ft wide and 15.2 ft in length. I know its a little small but this is all i had to work with. People in the city are suggesting all sorts of systems and it has got me confused as shit. Through some online...
  12. A

    For Sale 4K UHD Atmos HT system for sale

    Hello FM's I'm planning to sell my 4K UHD Atmos HT for sale. Optoma UHD 65 Projector - 1 year old - 2.1L ( Includes Ruipro fiber HDMI cable & projector mount ) Marantz SR 6012 - 1 year old - 80K SVS PB2000 Sub - 1 year old - 80K ( Includes QED Sub cable & SVS Sound path isolation ) Xbox One X...
  13. cybervinay

    SOLD Marantz CD-63 MkII KI Signature (Ken Ishiwata Edition) New Laser Mechanism (SOLD)

    I have used CD Player from Marantz for sale Its the famous Marantz CD-63 MkII KI Signature modified by Ken Ishiwata. If you have not heard about this then search online for more details. The laser mechanism was recently replaced (ordered online from UK). Have not used it at all after that and...
  14. S

    Marantz CD6004 playback issues

    Hi FMs, My marantz CD6004 [audio CD player] is again giving problems with playback. It is 8 years old and CDs [good ones with no scratch] stop playing intermittently. It doesn't stop at same place on the CD/track but randomly. I used a CD lens cleaner from Allsop. It has reduced the problem...
  15. Amit Shetty

    For Sale Marantz CD6004 CD player with remote (Sold)

    Condition: 10/10 Age: 4 years Hours used: 300 Price: 20,000 Location: Bangalore Shipping: No Marantz CD6004 CD player with remote Through the use of audiophile-grade components and proprietary circuit topologies, the Marantz CD6004 Compact Disc Player reproduces your CDs with superb quality...
  16. C

    Marantz SR 5012 vs 5013. What's the difference? Technology wise.

    If anyone could help me in ascertaining the difference between the two? It shall be very helpful.
  17. V

    SOLD 50ST60 Plasma TV

    Moving abroad. Hence putting my entertainment equipment for sale. Item available for inspection and demo at Yerwada, Pune. Shipping at buyer's risk and cost. Panasonic 50ST60 Plasma TV. Original box available. Very rare Panasonic ST series plasma offering very deep blacks and a very natural...
  18. D

    Final 5.2.4 HT setup - Suggestions welcome! Budget details inside

    Hi everyone, I am planning to build a dedicated HT with a 5.2.4 setup. My room size is 21 ft x 15 ft x 9 ft. I will use the room for movies, music and games (33% each) Per my research, I have finalized the following: 1) Projector - JVC DLA-NX7 - Rs. 7,20,000 approx 2) Screen - Elite 4K...
  19. S

    Bluetooth not working on marantz nr1509

    Hi, No matter what i do i just can't seem to get bluetooth streaming to work on the marantz nr1509 avr. I managed to connect to it once with my Android phone (Pie) but the playback was choppy. So i unpaired it. But now i cannot see the avr either from my phone or from my MacBook air. I did a...
  20. subhashis_1980

    For Sale Marantz CD Player CD5005 up for Sale by Original Onwer with Bill and Box

    Hi All, I am letting go my Marantz CD Player CD5005. I had got it from a store in Kolkata around 3 yrs back. I have the original bill, Box and remote Details below: Brand : Marantz CD5005(is basically a CD6005, without the USB) Cosmetic Condition - 9.5/10(just because its 3years old), Brought...