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medai player

  1. drkavint

    Asus O!Play HD2

    i have planned 2 buy asus hd2 media player..i dont have wifi..i got 2 tb external seagate loaded with movies AND 50'' lg tv PLASMA..at present viewing movies using gom player on amd quadcore 3.2GHZ, 6gb ram,winows7 64 bit computer via HDMI ..though using wireless keyboard & mouse,,i love using...
  2. M

    Play MKV files in Wii

    Folks, Are there any media players for Wii which can handle MKV. I tried installing GeeXBox for wii (alpha 3 to Alpha 8) and none of them worked, all these variants just crashed the wii. So any help is welcome. Thanks -Vasu