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    Best Downloaded Movie File Organizer

    All, I am on lookout for a software (freeware / purchase both works fine) that will be able to seacrh every folder and subfolder of my portable HDD and list all movies along with their full media info like Size, Play Time, Audio Video channels and Bitrates (must). A probability to share this...
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    Amlogic 8626H based Media Players

    Hi Guys would anyone have any idea how good these players are. as mentioned in this page here : http://www.iboum.com/net-media-players.php?sort=sortdate&chip=amlogic&pfilt=&hdd=&net=&fan=&lcd=&dts=&dtsp=&dolbt=&dolbtp=no&dtsma=&dtsmap=&year=&ppp=40&bd=&dvd=&netflix=&pg=1&rp=camlogic...