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Mogami Cables
  1. P

    mission mcube+se 5.1 + Denonx250 BT

    Hello All, I want to purchase mission mcube+se 5.1 + Denonx250 BT any suggetions/Review. Thanks in advance. Regards, Pradeep
  2. S

    For Sale Norge 1000 gold with Mission 751 bookshelf

    I'm putting my Norge 1000 gold and Mission 751 bookshelf speakers for sale. Details mentioned as below and photos attached. Model : Norge 1000 gold + Mission 751 Location : Palani, Tamilnadu Price : 23k (negotiable) The price for this combo is very less for the value of this combo Reason for...
  3. T

    Overly bright set up: audiolab 8000a with mission 751

    I'm kind of new in the audio game. I recently installed my first proper set up: an Audiolab 8000a with Mission 751's. I play music through spotify premium (yes, I know) with a V-dac II connected to my Macbook. I mostly listen to alternative pop/rock. I found the whole set up to be overly bright...
  4. A

    Misssion MX4 availability & price in Kolkata

    Hi, Is there any dealer in Kolkata dealing in Mission speakers? I am looking for Mission MX4. If any FM has any info, please respond... Also let me know about MX4 's performance thanks Amit
  5. S

    Mission 34i or Mordaunt short Aviano 2

    I have Norge concerto gold 1000 Amp. what should i choose between Mission 34i or Mordaunt short Aviano 2. Can Monitor Audio M2 be connected to my amp (100W@6ohm). Is Aviano2 worth the 5K more then MA M2.
  6. T

    How to "tighten" the bass of MISSION m34i floorstanders

    Greetings ALL This thread is in response to a query to the said effect by FMs Bluu and Inderbir here http://www.hifivision.com/sale-owner/17103-mission-speakers-denon-avr-3.html Unknown to many, the mission m series of floor-standers have a back-loaded cavity at the bottom of the...
  7. denzong

    V V Urgent: Wahrf 9.5 vs Mission M34i vs anyother

    hi guys need a very very urgent help to choose between: (only want FS speakers) Wharf 9.5 @ 19999 Mission M34i @ 18000 Mission M35i @ 28000 primary use is for turntable to match my sansui au 717 amp also will use these for my iphone music docking rock listening mostly but will...
  8. G

    Mission MV-8 Home Theater Package

    Hi All, Recently bought Mission MV-8 5.1 package from ebay for 24k - MV8 floors ,MV-DS Bookshelves,MV-c center and MS-8 active Sub - do you think its a good deal ? Also need help in selecting a good AV receiver, anyone has any idea on what this will pair well with ? Yamaha RXV-465 is...
  9. J

    Need advice on Mission speakers and Cambrigde amp.

    Hi Everybody I am new to this forum and would like to get expert comments from you for my following query. I am planning to buy an amp and a pair of bookshelf speakers. My budget is 30-35K. I have approached a dealer and he suggests many combinations and totally confused :licklips:. After...
  10. S

    Mission M34i with Yamaha RX-V363?

    Hi, I have been reading this site from quite a long time. Now I have decided to take a plunge into the home theatre scene. My Requirements: (75% Music, 25% Movies) 1. A Basic AVR (will use for 5.1 later, but now only stereo). I dont care abt HDMI, will directly route them to the TV...
  11. H

    Please post a review of mission

    Hi All, Heard & read a lot about the missions ( m33i & m34i ) in this forum. It'll be great if some expert can audition and give a detailed review of the missions. What say buddies ? Thanks in advance :)
  12. S

    Mission M33i and M34i

    Vijay Sales is offering the M33i at 12.4K and M34i at 18.6K. I've heard the M33i along with NAD 325BEE and CA 540 amp and I happened to like it. Has anyone heard these speakers extensively? preferably with the Marantz PM 7001 amp? ~Swapnil