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mobile hfv

  1. teky

    Hifivision - Tapatalk Enabled Now

    Our Super-Mod has enabled this functionality. This helps us browsing from Mobile to save bandwidth and more importantly use the Screen area effectively. http://www.hifivision.com/your-feedback-suggestions/8751-tapatalk-mobile-hfv-made-easier.html#post116847 More info on Tapatalk here...
  2. teky

    Tapatalk - Mobile HFV Made Easier?

    With the amount of people using there mobile to browse the Internet I'm sure there are enough HFV'er who use HFV on mobile. However in it's current format it takes loading times are higher. So how about creating a mobile version with the help of Tapatalk It has an App for Iphone, Android, Nokia...