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monitor audio rx6

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. K

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver Rx6 and Arcam FMJ A19 Integrated Amp

    Hi Am putting my Monitor Audio Rx6 and Arcam A19 IA for sale. As many know these are What-Hi Fi 5* rated components. Arcam is a well matched amplifier for Rx6 and I had immense audio pleasure using them past 3 years. Reason for sale: Upgrade. Monitor Audio Rx6: Ownership/Age: First...
  2. taranfx

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver RX 6

    Monitor Audio Silver series RX 6, 2.5 way Stereo speakers: 90db sensitivity, 125Watt RMS per channel Selling 1 year old Audiophile Stereo system. Condition: Like new. No scratches, kept very carefully. Almost like new with packings available. Faults: none. Perfect sound everytime. :ohyeah...
  3. R

    Made this account just for advice on this purchase!!!

    I just bought some "monitor audio silver 6" floor standing speakers. Yeah, I'm excited too. Anyway, those are my speakers, and I'm looking for a stereo receiver that can really get the best sound possible out of my new speakers! looking to spend $400 or less, I need plenty of inputs (xbox...
  4. U

    Deciding b/w Monitor Audio, Dali & B&W for new HTS

    Hello, This is my first post on HIFIVision. I am planning to buy a new 5.1 Home Theater system. It will be 70% used for movies and 30% for music. I have shortlisted Monitor Audio RX6/RX8, Dali Ikon 7 mk2 and B&W CM8. I am planning to take the following configuration : Dali Front ...
  5. G

    Axiom M60 or Monitor Audio RX6

    Hi guys I am finally getting together my first HT setup :yahoo: and would like some advise of the veterans here. I am going for the marantz sr7005 as my receiver and will be using a panasonic plasma as my display. I need to decide between Axiom M60s or Monitor Audio RX6 as my main...