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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. santhosh

    The Giveaway Thread

    Friends, let us dedicate this thread to give away AV stuff. We all own things that is no longer of use to us today. But, we never know who may find these useful. So, instead of it collecting dust in our attics and sometimes getting spoilt beyond repair, let use this thread to find a better home...
  2. M

    #hifi_my vision lots("") of sound

    Big fat greetings to all hifivisioners!! Feels like I landed straight down on earth like a super hero thrashing the ground, on to Hifi Vision!!! Have to factify, consequence of Benchmark DAC, outsatnding NAD amp and this pair of S60 towers from Polk Signature series at my home. Gonna spend...
  3. sandeepss

    Streaming Classics

    Hello friends, This will be a fork of the excellent thread started by FM @esanthosh, recommending classics, art house and independent movies. Some of these movies might be famous now, have a cult following or have been erstwhile blockbusters, but many are unknown. The best way to watch these...
  4. A

    Over Ear Headphones for Movie Watching for ~ 2K

    The Sony MDR XD-200 I used for almost a decade finally gave up. I always found the bass overwhelming for music and ended up using it for movie watching only. Please suggest an over ear headphone in the 2K price range. It will not be used for music at all. Not sure if I should mention...
  5. K

    Best 720p budget projector

    I am looking to improve my video experience from my 32" full HD tv,since my budget is limited under 40k am limited to 720p projectors.I am more of a audio guy than video so not really concerned about the video needs to be 100% quality it should be at least as good as my Sony 32 inch TV but on a...
  6. G

    Horror movies include sound which below the range of human hearing to enhance effect

    Is this true? https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/3fztxr/til_horror_movie_soundtracks_sometimes_include/
  7. V

    Which headphone should I buy for watching movies ?

    Dear Forum Members, Which of the below mentioned Headphone is better for Watching Movies ? Planning to connect it directly to my laptop for the time being , may go for a DAC in the near future, if required). 1) Audio Technica ATH-M50X 2) Shure SRH840 3) Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80...
  8. Santy

    Must to have movies on BluRay

    What according to you are the best movies with near reference quality audio and video that is also entertaining? Looking forward for suggestions top 5/ 10 from movie maniacs. :)
  9. prepress

    Amazon India : Blu- Ray Offer

    40% Off on selected titles, after adding the titles; click on ESTIMATE YOUR SHIPPING and get additional 10% off on Amazon fulfilled blu-rays, TOTAL 50% :yahoo:
  10. A

    Need help in buying a home theatre / speaker system under Rs. 10,000

    Hi, I want to buy a speaker system to connect to my Samsung 5 series 32" LED TV (bought in December 2012). Primary purpose: Movies (surround sound) and Gaming - PS3 I have a max. budget 10,000 I have currently connected a 2.1 speaker system (Altec Lansing) but the performance is not...
  11. anubisX

    3D clips for testing 3D on your display

    Here are some 3D clips I found, you can download them and enjoy 3D on your 3D TV. You can copy them to your pen-drive and plug in to your TV's USB port. You can also take them with you when going for 3D-TV audition. P.S, I didn't upload any of these clips.
  12. S

    Movie sound from Yamaha v473

    Hi, I have Yamaha v473 and my speakers are Magnat supreme 1000. When i play movies, even blu-rays, the sound is somewhat subdued. I can't explain really but it is dull. I play around -8 or so, i haven't tried to go higher than -5. My bluray player is LG bd670. Anything that i should watch out...
  13. devilwearsprada

    Movies/Music to Show-off system.

    Welcome All, I would like to open this thread to discuss music/movies that can be used to show off your system/components as this will help us to judge the system. For Eg: Tron:Legacy for the bass part :D POP : Sands of time and XXX - 1 for the surrounds. U571 and Universal Soldier...
  14. Rupam

    Suggestion for Multimedia speaker

    I need to buy a good 2.1 (or 2) speaker system for my father. He will use HP Pavilion Laptop to listen mostly old hindi songs, classical, vocal etc. He watches Old hindi movies (1930 -- 1980) and sometime good foreign films. Can you please recommend some good stereo speaker system for him...
  15. J

    Movies that have been censored/shortened

    Not sure if this has been posted here before. I found this list for UK releases Dvds that have been ... - Collection | LOVEFiLM Any more resources for various other regions, please add to the thread. I prefer to buy versions that are the closest to if not, the actual release of what...
  16. J

    7.1 Home theater speaker package to pair with Denon 2310 for movies

    Dear All, I am looking at a 7.1 speaker package to pair with my Denon 2310 purely for movies. My budget for the speaker package is around 1.5L. I have one package in mind that I am planning to audition tomorrow. The package I have in mind is Polk Audio RTi range Fronts RTi A3 Center...
  17. P

    For Sale DVDs Imported from USA

    - Everything imported from USA. Therefore, Region 1 - Everything in mint condition - Price is mentioned for each title below. - Shipping is extra. All parcels dispatched through DTDC Carrier. 400 - All the President's Men (Two-Disc Special Edition) (1976) 700 - Boot, Das - The Original Uncut...
  18. vinay

    The Movies I Liked

    8MM2 - Thriller I watched on DVD in 4 x 3 - Full Screen. A very good movie, a unique ending with a great suspense, the last one minute scene was out of the world. It reminded me of the great last one minute scene of this movie "The Taking Away of Pehlam One Two Three" It will be nice...