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  1. R

    Heavy discount on Saregama

    Happy Independence Day, folks! What a lovely day today. Add to that I found Saregama is giving a 75% discount on all music downloads. Truly a happy I-Day, isn't it? Well, no beating around the bushes. Just the good news. Head to Saregama site and get your favorite music. Enter INDIA75 at...
  2. P

    USB reader (can play MP3) with FM radio receiver and remote control for just Rs.150 !

    Hi FM, While at SP road (Bangalore) today to purchase some speaker drivers and cables, I just chanced upon this fantastic assembled kit: it has three input ports (USB for MP3 playback, Aux, and one more which looks like an SD card slot - it reads "TF") and an inbuilt FM receiver. Output is...
  3. K

    How to beat the Ipod Classic-

    The Ipod classic was discontinued and then there seemed to be no one giving that kind of storage on a MP3 player- 160GB. :mad: Now with the advent of cheap 128GB and the latest 256GB memory cards, it seems possible to buy old model Android Phones that would take the 256GB card-...
  4. S

    Surround sound mp3+ test sounds

    Hi I heard a music from Ghost in the shell in 5.1 surround and it was great.It was a .ac3 file ripped from blue ray. Are there multi channel mp3 songs available in a different format or name?I know the Blue ray sound track,but are they available for purchase only as song? I also have a 2.1...
  5. C

    OkListen.com - Indian band singles & albums

    Just bought an album by the Elvis Lobo Project (Goa) from OKlisten.com and was very happy with the website and service. They have a 100's of releases covering most popular genres, most by bands I've not heard of, but sounded very promising. You can sample stream each track before you buy...
  6. jls001

    All About Jazz - Free MP3s

    You can find some interesting, free, downloadable tracks here: Free Jazz MP3s
  7. C

    Can YouTube Videos's Sound Codec converted to AC3 5.1?

    Can YouTube Videos's Sound Codec (mp3 I think) converted to true AC3 5.1?
  8. A

    Group effort collecting Ilayaraja hits

    Hi All, The magician of 80s Isai Nyani Ilayaraja have done some great albums. Many are exceptional that you don't even need a booze or a fag to calm down. But unfortunately I couldn't lay hands on such marvels in good quality ( I am not talking about LPs here) my collection are only digital...
  9. A

    FLAC or 320 KBPS(MP3)-Online Store

    Hi Fm's Recently i was blown away by the SOUND QUALITY of the 320Kbps Format played in my very entry level set-up. Hence thinking to start collecting the FLAC or 329Kbps format for more TAMIL and HINDI MUSIC. Can anyone guide me in collecting the Raw format for music, I dont prefer CD\DVD...
  10. J

    SanDisk Sansa 8 GB Clip +MP3 player will not boot. Help pls.

    My 4th mp3 from sansa "died." Before sending them all back to SanDisk w/a "nasty" note are there any suggestions anyone can offer, ie., besides buy an ipod? Thanks. Any thoughts are invited and welcomed. joeCerv
  11. J

    Interesting read on MP3 bitrate experiment

    good read..especially the comment section Concluding the Great MP3 Bitrate Experiment
  12. A

    Aktimate mini or Audioengine 5 or other 2.1

    Hi Been around this forum for a while i realised, i dont really need amp+ stereo setup for my 320 kpbs and other mp3 kind of music. convinced that such a setup would be overkill i decided to go for good PC speakers as my use is mainly music and some moveis for a near field use. as...
  13. P

    Cowon or Apple - Please help!

    Hi, Can someone please tell me which one is the best mp3 player in terms of audio quality? A friend of mine wants to go for PMP and is considering Cowon J3/V5 and Itouch.. Apple no doubt is better VFM because of the features but have heard some great things about Cowon's SQ.. He wants...
  14. A

    Oppo S39HD and OndaVI20 touch screen media player...

    hi was looking for a reasonable price range media player with touch screen.. found the Oppo S39HD and Onda VI20 to be pretty decent from spec perspective... was wondering if anyone in this forum has a user experience of these devices and also how to go about buying these.. I could only spot a...
  15. M

    Burn High Quality Audio CD from MP3s

    Folks, Is there any special S/W which would allow me to burn audio CDs from my MP3 collections. Agreed that MP3 with higher bitrate would give me better quality but most of my MP3 collections are with 128/192 bitrate. Only the new ones come with 320Kbps. Is there something that I can...
  16. M

    MP3 @320kbps Conversion to Audio CD is not working

    Folks, Not sure if this is the right forum but let me put my problem here. I have around 14 MP3 files which have a bit rate of 320kbps. When I tried to burn it into an Audio CD via Nero 7 burner, the burn was successfull but only 3 out of the 14 songs are playing, the rest of the songs...
  17. A

    Panasonic DVD Player not recognizing some mp3 files.

    I have a slightly old (2007) DVD Player which supports AAC, mp3 and WMA formats in audio and .avi in video and DVD video. It plays videos and DVDs nicely but when it comes to mp3s, it plays some but not others. I know there are many codecs. Its odd that when I converted a bunch of .wv files to...
  18. K

    Low volume ouput when the MP3 player is connected to the 2 Way Stereo Amp

    Hi! I have a Philips MP3 player with music on it. I have connected it to my HK3490 through the usual analog red & white PINs. My issue is that my amplifier / receiver is running at 85% volume output to make the music from my MP3 player just audible. The volume on my MP3 is at 75%, because I...
  19. M

    iPod Dock w CD/MP3 Player - iLuv - i199

    Dear @LL Launching one of the newest and coolest product... iPod Docking Station with CD/MP3 Player (AM/FM Radio, Digital Clock with Dual Alarms & Sleep & Wake Functions) (Stereo Mode) Specifications : jAura and BluePin ? Enjoy rich sound from your iPod with jAura acoustic...