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Home Theatre Systems
  1. N

    Places in Mumbai to demo/buy a home theater

    Hi, Can you please list down places in Mumbai where I can demo/buy home theaters. Also would be helpful if you can list a few models in Rs. 40-50k range
  2. L

    Need Guidance: 5.0 speakers

    Hi, I am looking to buy 5 speakers (without sub woofer) for surround sound effect. Looking for decent speakers for around INR 25000 (tower speakers are not required). Kindly guide. P.S. - I have a Yamaha 581 AV & Yamaha 315 sub - woofer and am based out of Mumbai.
  3. M

    which 5.1 Speakers for Onkyo Tx NR626 (Us import) - music & movies to buy?

    Hi guys...quite a newbie for this and really need your help here: i have three broad questions if can be answered here. i have got an Onkyo TX NR626 from US recently and would want to set that up. am based in Mumbai. 1) I have misplaced its remote, how can i get an alternative for the same...
  4. kapvin

    Maharashtra Capital Region Meet?

    I guess the title is more representative than a Mumbai meet. I've attended 2 such meets, and kudos to the organisers who put in blood sweat and their hard earned money upfront to organise the meet. And then there is the heartburn of no-shows, not meeting the minimum pax number at the hotel and...
  5. IndianEars

    Wanted: Sonus faber EXTREMA Speakers

    Wanted Sonus Faber Extreme Speakers, in Working / Non Working Condition. Buyer in Mumbai. Thanks
  6. A

    5.1 Stereo Speakers

    Hello, I am Akhil Chopra from Mumbai. it could be great if guys can help me with my very small query. I have a 5.1 system with a DVD player. now as you all might know, 5.1 systems work with a dvd player with amplifier installed in it. i have that dvd player too. But what i need is...
  7. N

    Purchasing AVR + Speakers in Pune vs Mumbai

    I am starting this thread to understand which of the locations offer better discounts as I don't mind traveling down to Mumbai (I am located in Pune) to make the big purchase (this is the first one in my case :) ). I must admit that I haven't auditioned at lot of places locally but the...
  8. Y

    Where to audition these Speakers at Mumbai..

    Hii all M going to Mumbai tomorrow for a few days.. I wish to audition Bookshelf speakers for my Marantz PM6003 amp.. (Currently using with Aviano 6.. but moving the Aviano 6 to HT Setup ) I am looking forward to audition these speakers: 1. KEF Q300 2. MS Mezzo 2 3. Monitor Audio BX2...
  9. D

    Yet another newbie asking for suggestions

    Hi guys! This is my first post :) I am located in Mumbai and planning to buy a 40 or 42 inch HDTV (major brands like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG). I prefer LCD TVs but if the price is right i'd love an LED. My budget: UPTO Rs.43,000 (maximum, cant go beyond that) I read a few posts on...
  10. Santy

    Join the party: Mumbai HFV Meet 2011!

    Thanks to Spiro, Denom and Hemant for setting the ball rolling. Here we go. Grand Mumbai Meet: expecting Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune guys to join.. We must plan it in the month of Dec 2011. The excel sheet is ready (hope Sono has no copyright issues) Confirmed Participants so...
  11. C

    Where to demo (Mumbai western burbs)?

    Could some one suggest a few locations in Mumbai West where I could demo a range of budget 5.1 setups? Looking at entry level combos of Onkyo, Wharfdale, JBL, Polk or similar. The few dealers I spoke to on the phone had only 1 or 2 of these brands at hand. Phone numbers would be great.
  12. K

    Feedback Wanted: Dedicated Vinyl Store

    Hello, A friend of mine and myself and are considering opening (India's first?) dedicated Vinyl store. I myself have been a big fan of the medium for many years and have always wondered if many people in India (specifically Mumbai) shared this interest. The store would likely be...
  13. K

    Need Help in Deciding on a Projector Screen

    I am planning to set up a Home theatre in Mumbai in my living room and not a dedicated room unfortunately. But In Mumbai it seems there are limited option for Screens. I will be using a Panasonic Ae 4000 3Lcd projector mostly or the Epson 8350 & the viewing distance is around 10 -11 feet. I...
  14. U

    Setup under Rs. 1 lakh. Wharfedale 10.4s or something different?

    Hi, Am quite new to all this in terms of having stuff at home, but have done sound mixing in college shows and all for a few years, so have some basic idea of sound, just was never able to get a good system. But still am new to this whole space. Now I have a budget of around 1 lakh, perhaps...
  15. K

    Wanted Used_not abused Sub-woofer @Mumbai

    Wanted a powered Sub from someone upgrading- ideal requirement would be like a Polk DSW Pro 500 or equivalent. I will pay Cash and Carry from anywhere in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai limits. Expectations would be from 8K-12K for a sub thats in excellent working condition. On another thread a...
  16. R

    sennheiser px100 in mumbai

    Can any one tell me the name, address, tel no etc. of the shop in India, preferably in Mumbai, where I can buy the headphone sennheiser px100 and its price in Indian Rupees if possible.
  17. S

    Help find the missing link

    Here's my modest system built over the past few years. 1. Panny PV8 2. Airtel DTH STB 3. Oppo 981H 4. Marantz PM8003 (Amplifier) 5. Onkyo TX DS 474 (Receiver) 6. Amp Switcher - Thanks to venkatcr! 7. Buffalo 1TB HD 8. WDTV 9. Monitor Audio RS1 Additional: DIY RCA cables using...