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  1. thedude

    Musical Floorstanders for 1.5L

    Hi Guys, I'm Sree, an advanced amateur audiophile/photographer from Hyderabad. Very new to HiFiVision community. I need help/suggestions building a 5.1 setup that's great for music too. Budget is about 1.5L (can stretch by another 20-30k). Down the line expand that to an Atmos setup. The...
  2. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted iPod Classic

    Looking for an iPod Classic - Preferably 7th Gen and 160gb. If you have one for sale, please DM me. Cheers!
  3. D

    Needed an audiophile music experience for budget?

    Hello, I'm a newbie into world of audiophile music but i just gone through entry level Hi-Fi systems for a wannabe audiophile like me. I just budget-constrained since im a student and need music for an audiophile quality on budget My current choice is ATH-M50X + Fiiio e10k DAC for 20k. This...
  4. aurobindosaha

    A love story ...

    Hi I would like to share with you my love-story for music and audio equipments. The reason I am sharing this today is because after long, long, long wait something is going to happen tomorrow in my life :yahoo:. My wife says she will lets a "sautan" (my second wife) enter our home :annoyed...
  5. prepress

    Your Favorite Foreign Movie Soundtracks/Background Scores

    Hi all, I was just listening few soundtracks and thought to create a dedicated thread for this (Sorry if there is already a thread for this). You can mention your favorite soundtracks/background score from any foreign movie... either it is Spanish/French/German/English of course. I believe we...
  6. K

    New Amplifier Stereo setup for a First Timer

    Hi, i sold my sony gz888d last year in order to invest in something much better. I have been reading a lot of columns over the last year to find an appropriate integrated stereo amplifier and a matching speaker system. In my 2bhk residence, i plan to place it in the living and the living is...
  7. ShutterX

    Finally figured out what the deal with DACs is.

    I received my first DAC today. The SMSL Sanskrit 6th Gen. Plugged it in and installed the drivers. Played my favourite track and.... there was no difference whatsoever. Now, i was kinda worried that i just got fooled by the 'audiophile' hype that having a good DAC makes soooo much...
  8. H

    Which speakers and amp for music in a bedroom

    Hi guys! I'm looking to make my first hifi purchase soon. I originally set myself a budget of 40k, but I can push upto 75k for a killer set up. I have a 13*10 room. I'm looking for a stereo setup as I'm mostly interested in music. I think i'll prefer bookshelf style speakers considering...
  9. ShutterX

    Has CD Quality actually gone down lately?

    I was wondering if the actual quality of recording in CD has actually gone down of late. I listen to my dads old CDs from the late 80's and 90's and they really sound good. I recently bought an old favourite from amazon, played a track on Media Monkey and the same track on Spotify. A and B...
  10. ShutterX

    Best online music streaming service in india?

    What do you think is the best high quality music streaming service in India? There are some lovely streaming services like tidal.com which do not work here. I havent been able to find any that seem to operate here Including Google Music. iTunes is very commercial and focus more on diversity than...
  11. Seabees

    Required-Speaker system for Denon S900W

    Hello everyone, I have just ordered the Denon AVR S900W from states and looking for a compatible Speaker system & power supply for the AVR. Usage 50% music and rest movies/TV. Location-NCR Budget 35k Preferably 5.1 Will be visiting UK in a couple of months and can buy the set from there...
  12. D

    New to this domain!

    Hello everyone! Though I love traditional music, speakers or amplifiers making difference to the quality sound has never popped up in my mind. Until recently when I visited one of my friend who has whole arrangement of hi-fi products and all branded in his house. It is that I tasted that...
  13. S

    Speaker setup for listening to music

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here, after lurking around for quite some time. I just started working and can finally spend my own money to get myself a pair decent speakers. I listen to a lot of music and have pretty varied taste - rock, alternative R&B, indie electronica...
  14. M

    Marantz NR1504 vs Yamaha RX-V477

    Hi All I am bit confused to choose between 1504 and V477. I read many reviews about both the receivers saying both are good. In specific about 40% of the reviews supports 1504 and about 60% of the users supports V477. So I preferred Yamaha, but one of my friend forces me to go with Marantz as...
  15. M

    Looking to pair Boston Acoustics XS5.1 with Yamaha RX-V477

    Hi Friends Please I would need your suggestion on the below. I am new to the AV concept and looking to buy new one. I got demo for Yamaha YHT-299, sounds great with surround and cristal clear audio. But what I concerned about the BASS is bit low as am more interested with music than...
  16. kumarab

    Another Original Song - Dedicated to parents

    Another original song I wrote for my parents. It's called Shukriya. This is dedicated to all parents actually. Hope you guys like it. I shall be posting the link to the full downloadable album of all songs (old and new) in a few days. https://soundcloud.com/sunny-musicwithoutgenres/shukriya
  17. R

    Style Guideline for tagging Film Music

    Hi I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this posting. If not, please let me know where I should be posting... BTW, I have a similar request over at MusicBrainz (see Style Guideline for Bollywood Music (Page 1) Style Discussion MusicBrainz Forums) I am trying to see if there is...
  18. A

    Polyphonic singing - aka singing multiple notes simultaneously

    I came across a very interesting (and complicated) technique called polyphonic overtone singing. A couple of links that explain this technique in a very nice way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHTF1-IhuC0 Basic tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a940YFaRI50 This got me...
  19. T

    Should i buy AVR from USA ?

    My friend from USA just wanted to gift me something when he comes to INDIA. I have a SONY w850 47" TV and a HTPC. I thought of asking an AVR since i am going to buy Paradigm 100CT or something like that (because of limited space) on march 2015. After some 4or5 years i would like to add Two...
  20. forever.pramod

    Song suggestions like "Hotel California"

    I never listened English Songs / Music before I went for auditions for my HT. In most of the stores, I watched the song - Hotel California and just loved it. Can someone suggest me few similar songs which are very instrumental and musical like this. Another one from Bollywood I like is - "Parda"...