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nad 3020

AV Cables
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    NAD d3020: Elac B6 or Dali Zensor 3 for small apartment???

    Hi, building my first HiFi... Planing to Buy a NAD d3020 (DAC to access all my music form a Mac Mini) + Elac B6 or Dali Zensor 3???. :sos: Small apartment, 70% Music (progressive house) 30% Netflix. Love to have big bass without external subwoofer... thoughts???
  2. T

    Speakers for Vintage NAD 3020.

    Please share your recommendations for the following requirement 1. A pair of speakers for a 12 * 13 feet room 2. To be paired with NAD 3020 vintage amp 3. 100% for music mainly vocals, classical & gazals 4. usually listen at low volumes 5. very detailed mid-range with zero loss and no...
  3. S

    NAD or no NAD

    Hello After reviewing a variety of amps for my bookshelf kef q300s, i finally had jotted down to NAD C326. However, it wasn't still solving all my problems, i.e. having the option of a optical in from my airport express (so that i can use it as aN airplay device). For this i was advised to buy...
  4. K

    Wanted WTB NAD 3020 in excellent working condition

    Hi Everyone My current amp is the same (original) NAD 3020 amp.... but it has finally decided to rest in peace, so I'm on the lookout for a replacement amp. I am looking for a vintage (all original parts) NAD 3020 in excellent working condition. Seller must be willing to ship to Bangalore...
  5. K

    Recommendation for cables for my gear

    Hi! After about 18 years I finally decide to put together a budget Hi Fi System for my vinyl collection as well as some of my DVD-A; SACD & CDs. Here's the gear I have: 1. Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable 2. OPPO DV-981HD 1080p High Definition Up-Converting...
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    Budget Bookshelf Speakers for NAD 3020

    Hi! As a relative newbie to the equipment side of Audiophile community, I need help/suggestions for a high quality budget bookshelf speakers to go with my impending arrival, a NAD 3020. Here is the equipment I have: 1. Audio Technica AT60LP Turntable 2. NAD 3020 integrated amp I do...