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nad c325bee

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. utkarsh

    Help me choose some floor standers

    Hi all, I'm currently running a month old MS Aviano 2,5 on Marantz 5005. As suggested by Gurus i have to buy Floorstanders for punch and thump. My primary focus is music rather than movies but it would be nice if they dealt with movies reasonably well. I will have no chance of any demo...
  2. B

    Polk + NAD !!

    Hello! I'm on the verge of buying some Polk RTiA7s (got a nice deal) but am afraid that they might be to hard to drive with my NAD C325Bee... I've read that although the NAD manual says it outputs 50Wpc into 8ohms, it can actually go higher than that. At Polk Audio they say the recommended...
  3. B

    Noob seeking help: NAD C325BEE + Preamp + Inputs

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever thread on any forum... ever. I have recently bought a Headphone Amp/Preamp (Little Dot MKIV) and am using the C325BEE as power amp. Works perfect! :) :sos: My question is: If I am using a preamp with the NAD (Main In input), it bypasses the other...