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  1. sumanhomroy

    For Sale NAD C370 amplifier featuring 4 speaker outputs

    Description: Remote-controlled integrated amplifier with seven line-level inputs (including two tape in/record out); preamp out/main in, and a second preamp out with up to 12dB attenuation; NAD Link; Soft Clipping and Bridging switches. Output power: 120Wpc (20.8dBW), continuous average power...
  2. R

    Servicing old hi-fi gear in Delhi

    Does anybody know a place in Delhi that can repair old stereo gear? I have a NAD pre-amp and a Yamaha integrated amp that need TLC. Many thanks.
  3. F

    NAD 546BEE, Oppo BDP 105D, etc.

    I realize that these 2 products are not an apple to apple comparison, but here is my question: I would like to get a CD player and use its coaxial digital out to my DAC and preamp. I do not need features like its DAC capability, USB input, SACD capability, Bluray play, etc. ...just good sound...
  4. spandan414

    For Sale NAD C 325BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier

    Hello Everyone, This is my secondary amp. Bought it to keep me company while I get my Onix recapped and cleaned. The amp is in excellent condition. Every button, knob and inputs on it are in perfect working condition. Its never been serviced or repaired. Below are a couple of reviews...
  5. ajinkya

    For Sale NAD D7050 and GoldenEar Aon 2 pair

    Selling a brand-new, unopened NAD D7050 digital amplifier and a pair of brand-new GoldenEar Aon 2 bookshelf speakers. One speaker is unopened, another has been opened to check dimensions for stands and again put back in box. All items are completely new, not played nor used, with original...
  6. santosh4

    For Sale NAD 375BEE integrated stereo amp and PSB Image T5 FS for Sale

    Dear FM'S, I have Put my beloved NAD 375bee and PSB Image T5 floor standers for sale which I have used for 4 years, Its in mint condition. The Nad can be used as power amp as well. Needless to say they are a good contenders. 1. Condition 10/10 2. Price : 1lac 3. Reason for sale got B&w...
  7. R

    What AVR with Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESLs?

    Hi, I had bought my Martin Logan Electrostatic speakers (ESL floorstanding + EMC2 centre channel, Dynamo 500 subwoofer) in the US. Was on a tight budget after the speakers (which completely floored me with their sound staging) and got a Denon AVR 1912. Moved to India in 2012 and shipped these...
  8. K

    Amp for Rti A7s

    Hi Guys, This is a re-post from the Amps thread, I thought this thread was more appropriate. I've narrowed down my speakers to the Polk Audio Rti A7s and now I need a matching amp. They're going to be used in a stereo setup in my living / drawing room. Music genres are going to be light...
  9. K

    Which NAD for the Rti A7?

    Hi Guys, I've narrowed down my speakers to the Polk Audio Rti A7s and now I need a matching amp. They're going to be used in a stereo setup in my living / drawing room. Music genres are going to be light jazz / lounge / house / vocals. I like good bass. Source is going to be a basic...
  10. W

    need input before buying for home theatre

    Hi all, The name is Andrea from Indonesia. Recently joined this forum as I'm currently searching for reviews before spend the money on it. Been searched in several forums but couldnt find the answer yet. For the budget i'm not quite sure in dollar as the forex is pretty scary but i have some...
  11. cybervinay

    For Sale NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC - With Remote - Can be used as a Pre Amplifier

    I am selling my used NAD M51 DAC. I had it for over 2 years and have enjoyed every bit of it. I am selling as I am planning for an upgrade to next level. Earlier also I have sold it but was able to get it back from the buyer as I could not find anything better in this price range I have got...
  12. S

    NAD CD Player repairs in Mumbai other than Lakozy?

    Is there any NAD CD Player repairer in Mumbai other than Lakozy? Gopal
  13. taranfx

    For Sale NAD 356BEE + modular DAC

    Selling 1 year old Audiophile Stereo system. Condition: Like new. No scratches, kept very carefully. Almost like new with packings available. Faults: none. Perfect sound everytime City: Only Delhi NCR Reason for sale: Moving abroad. I wish I could take them along :sad: Expected price...
  14. M

    Made in India AMP - NAD 375

    Dear Friends, I am looking for Indian made products, there is demand for NAD products here in India and HFV forum, Is there any Indian version of NAD 375 Amplifier or NAD product....? , I am aware of Norge products. Just for kicks can we make equivalent of NAD 375 in India and name it as...
  15. vikramdesigner

    Wanted looking for dedicated cd player

    Hi , I m looking for good dedicated cd player in below brands one yr used. Marantz/NAD/CA/ArCAM/REGA. For basic entry level used :Budget 10k to 15 k For high end level used : Budget 25 k
  16. vikramdesigner

    Best CD player within 25k NAD/MARANTZ/DENON ???

    Hey friends, Looking for a dedicated cd player , my budget is only 25k NAD/MARANTZ/DENON ? any specific model ? My currents setup : KEF Q300 NAD C356BEE DAC LG DVD Player ( Need to replace this with cd player )
  17. S

    need help with projector and screen selection

    hello, am a new kid on the block as far as knowledge on audio/video systems go.. reading all the experts advise here and quite thankful to all the knowledge gained in past 2 days. I am trying to build a good home theatre environment in my new home.. It would be in the living room and the...
  18. S

    Nad c326bee VS Sony STR-DN840

    Hi. I'm looking for an amplifier for my Dali Zensor 7 speakers, and originally I was hooked on the Nad c326bee stereo amplifier, but then I was told that it might not be the best option when compared to other amplifiers/receivers within its price range. I have now found the Sony STR-DN840...
  19. cybervinay

    For Sale NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC - Mint Condition

    I have been using this DAC for more than 6 months and this is the best DAC that I have heard till this date. It can complete DACs worth much more than this price point. It was not cheap but sounds wonderful. I will regret selling this if my next upgrade does sound as I expect. I can not...
  20. S

    Nad D3020

    Hi I have been eyeing this product for a while now. Has anyone purchased it yet?