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nelson pass

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  1. S

    BOZ: My first DIY Attempt

    The Pre-cursor I have been a part of hifivision forum since 2012. I always dreamt of building something of my own. I got myself built a B1 and Amp Camp Amp. It was Raghu and Sachin who did it for me. The sound that comes out of B1 and Amp Camp Amp is fantastic. Adding to it; last year, I got...
  2. saikatbiswas82

    My DIY Amps

    Project #1 : Nelson Pass AmpCamp Amp or ACA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- For quite some time, I have been planning to build an amplifier by myself. After reading a lot of articles online, I finally decided to start my journey with AmpCamp amp...
  3. H

    Wanted DIY chassis for Nelson Pass B1 Preamp

    Hi any one have DIY chassis for Nelson Pass B1 preamp let me know..
  4. O

    It's class AB from Nelson Pass

    Guys! Many wondered Mr NP always designed amps burning power to produce heat in fascination of class A amps. But environmentalist be happy, there is one class AB too. Look at this - AB100 Class AB Power Amplifier - diyAudio This look straight forward and I am not building one now. ;)
  5. bijinmb

    DIY - Pass B1

    Hi Folks! Just to let you know that I have started building my Pass B1 - Buffer Preamp for my Active 3-way floorstander project. http://www.hifivision.com/diy/28211-my-diy-active-3-way-floorstander.html With great pleasure and happiness I am showcasing this DIY to our GUILD. Here are the few...
  6. B

    My Pass F5 Build

    Finally all the components for the F5 have arrived and I just started the build. The F5 PCBs are from Jims Audio, components from Mouser/Digi-key and the Toroid from Torotrans. I will try my best to capture each stages of the build and post it here. I started with the rectifier and...
  7. O

    DIY: Pass F5 turbo v2 initiated

    Hi Friends, From a long time, it was in mind to have nice class A amplifier. Pass Amplifiers don't need my introduction. It's well known to DIY circles. I am churning out all available material on forums. As subject states I am referring this - http://www.firstwatt.com/pdf/art_f5_turbo.pdf I...