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Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. M

    Netflix's user interface(UI) in Iffalcon K2A is pixelated and blurry

    I don't know why the videos play in 4k but the UI is blurry and all the letters look smudged and the pictures look low res and I have contacted Netflix as well and they said they cannot help and I need to stream in some other device. Does anybody have a fix? I tried Netflix from my ps4 and the...
  2. R

    For Sale Apple TV 2nd Gen - HD Wireless Media Streamer- Make any TV-Smart TV-Stream content via iPhone/Mac

    Got this specifically because it could be jailbroken. Play content via Netflix or any other online channel easily. Made by Apple. Connect and stream files from any iPhone or Mac Market price in Chroma - 13K Selling it for 5k. Reason- Upgrading. About this product Description in depth...
  3. earthian

    connectivity issues

    Apologise since this question must have been addressed in the past. However, i am not able to solve it and hence the poser: Every time i open the browser, Chrome or safari, it takes a few minutes to connect to the internet. It shows ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED initially and after a while it connects...
  4. J

    Netflix on Apple TV

    Hello, I have an Airtel broadband connection at home and i have connected this to a DD-WRT Linksys E2500 OpenVPN Router. The speed i get through my traditional Beetel router is 4mbps or so but when i connect through the DD-WRT router the speed is only 0.03mbps. What could be the cause of this...
  5. G

    Netflix on Panasonic DMP-BDT230

    I don't see a netflix application in my Panasonic DMP-BDT230 which I bought here in Bangalore. The US version seem to have a dedicated Netflix button! Well that would have been for a reason. I would like to know how I could install Netflix on the Indian edition of DMP-BDT230. I tried changing...
  6. Tracer29

    Roku streaming in india

    Hi, I have been fiddling for the past few weeks to be able to stream roku using ddwrt config for my cisco router along with a VPN connection and its been a week on pilot and i had been able to stream netflix and hulu plus like a charm with some initial bandwidth issues.Had my broadband...