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  1. kapvin

    SOLD Kapvin's once in a decade spring-cleaning - Part 1 -Network Devices

    Greetings fellow forum members, I think I will find resonance and sympathy in this forum when I say that I tend to hoard. It is a variation of Parkinson's law, the stuff hoarded expands to meet the storage space available. so 4 wardrobe sides in the guest room, 6 mega drawers in my study and I...
  2. Ashish6464

    Make home network for home theatre

    Is it possible to make a home network using wifi routers, so that i can access my Music, movies, pictures etc stored on home PC on my home theatre, TV, mobile or any other device? If yes how to do it in cost effective way?
  3. N

    Network Problem in DLNA streaming

    I have a BSNL wifi router, I can access computers that are connected on the wireless network. The router also has ethernet ports, so I hooked up my tv to one of the ethernet ports on the router. My laptop connects using wifi. When I go to the network in my Win7 laptop I am not not able to see...
  4. U

    Ethernet Over Power Network

    Has anyone tried this sort of network? I would like to learn or try. Network Powerline Adapter / Ethernet Bridge- 200Mbps products, buy Network Powerline Adapter / Ethernet Bridge- 200Mbps products from alibaba.com
  5. haisaikat

    Require Network Capable Stereo Amp for MS Aviano 6

    I am on lookout for a 2 channel dedicated stereo amp for my Aviano 6. The best paired amp that I have seen to go weel with these is the Cambridge Audio AZUR 650A which are made for each other but it lacks network capability. If it also has DLNA then it is even better but this is a nice to have...