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new buyer

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
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    Suggestions for buying a new LED TV!

    Hi, Could any of you please give suggestions to buy a new LED TV: Purpose: 1. Watch Cable TV (Airtel)! (99% of the time!) 2. Stream movies from my Laptop (DLNA/equivalent) (1% of the time!) Budget: 2L Other Requirements: 1. Best of the best PQ. 2. Prefer Sony and as latest as...
  2. J

    Good home theatre system for my room under 60k

    Hello friends :) I wanted to buy a new home theatre system for my room. My room is of size 12 x 12 feet approx. my budget is around 55-60k . I m relatively new to this forum and don't have that much knowledge about the speakers and receivers but I had read in this forum that it is better to go...
  3. H

    Desperate need of your genuine opinions on buying TV

    Hello People I am looking to buy a 40"/42" LED TV for my home. I am not even going to be using a TV as I am from UK but my mum and dad lives at India and basically the point of telling is is that my mum and ad wont be using it for internet purpose at all like skype, youtube, facebook or...
  4. V

    Looking to buy a new HiFi system - FS & AVR

    Dear Experts, I've been a long time music lover but somehow never got a serious HiFi system together. My music had been played through CD players, Stereos, Ipods etc but am looking to finally invest in a decent mid/entry level HiFi system. I am looking for suggestions based on the below...
  5. H

    Looking to buy Home Theatre system. Suggestions plzzzzzz......

    Hi, I want to buy a home theatre system. Below are the specifications... Budget: Max 20-22k. If something comes real cheap, would be ready for that :-) Movies/Music: 50%-50% Prefers: DVD player that comes with USB/SD & 1080p Room size: its actually L-shaped room. 12ft one side & 24ft...