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  1. K

    Newbie looking for recommendations

    Hi everyone I am Krishnakumar. I am an audio enthusiast, my interest in audio has soared recently and this forum and been a trigger of sorts too. Very excited to be here. Bought a Norge 2060 yesterday and powered up a gorgeous Bose 601 from the late 70s I believe that it has been with my...
  2. A

    Newbie:need advice for custom made entry level HTS

    Hi Guys, I need your advice very badly. First of all I am not in hurry to make my HTS. i am doing research now on HTS like which one to choose, so going through all the AV forums. I am looking for 5.0 or 5.1 HTS, Tower Speaker is must. budget around 35K i have read lots of positive...
  3. A

    Which Speakers + Amplifier (Newbie)

    Dear members, It's great to see such a forum of music aficionados discuss speakers, electronics etc. and I hope I can benefit from your vast expertise and experience in procuring a set of speakers and amplifier. My budget is 40-50k rupees. Usually I listen to hindustani classical music...
  4. R

    Home Theater Under 50k

    I want to buy a new home theater for my room which is 20x15 ft. I am thinking of a basic avr, 5 speakers and a powered sub at least a 10incher. Can any one suggest me a good system for music:movies ratio 40:60. I have been in the forum looking at many FM's suggestion to newbies. I don't want to...
  5. L

    Hi Admin & Team Members - With regards from Goa

    My name is Sandy and I am based in Goa. Have been directed to our website far too many times in the past for me to stop and ponder about it. The good bit is that I have stopped pondering and registered myself as a user here in the forum, the bad news however is that I am a rank newbie and am...
  6. F

    Advice For a Complete Newbie?

    Hi, thanks for having me here guys. I've been browsing the forums for a while and have been convinced that I should try to set up my own hi-fi system. That's really where my knowledge ends. I have gotten rather bored with the poor quality of my current ipod dock speakers (gear 4 house...
  7. M

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello members of HiFiVision. I'm Mahesh. I have been a resident of Bangalore for the last two years. Came across this website just last week when i started reading up on HiFi audio systems, snooped around a little and it seems like a treasure trove of knowledge and bonhomie. I intend to...
  8. I

    I am a Newbie, need some help

    Hello everyone, well i wrote a big mail in this forum few minutes ago and posted it here but not able to locate it now thats why writing it again. I am new to this forum as well to professional audio equipment. i want to buy something decent in a budget of 20k. i am totally zero in Audio...
  9. I

    So Confused!! Please Help

    Hey, I am looking to set up my first home theater system and decided to look through the forum, the amount of information available is so overwhelming that I thought I would just stop and ask the experts. And again before I start, I am a newbie, my knowledge of audio system is negligible...
  10. S

    Suggestions Required - Receivers, Speakers, Setup

    Dear All, This is a very exciting forum, I was looking to buy an HTIB earlier but after reading a lot of posts on this site, I have decided to go ahead with building my own system and I can add on whenever I need to. I have gone through a lot of posts but havent been able progress much. I...
  11. I

    Newbie\\ Light weight home theatre\\ USA Import\\

    Hello, Let me put it simple, want a decent home theatre with specifications as follows: >Own home decent sized living room, currently housing a PC and a 2.1 Sony player. >Projector, PS3 (other receiver are also OK) PS3 not because I am game freak, because it has all disc compatibilities...
  12. D

    Hey everyone

    Hi, This is Asif(diabloReigns) from Bangalore. I had a low budget home theater setup until sometime back (Denon 1705, Speakers from USK Electronics-Hyderabad, x-fi platinum sound card, and a Dell S2209). I am looking to upgrade everything, and hence came across this forum. There is a lot of...