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no audio

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  1. N

    no audio from left channel pioneer avr

    since this morning there is no audio coming from left channel. in night it was working fine. Have done some testing: 1.) playing through USB ,IPOD sound coming from all channels 2.) HDmi - working good 3.) digital input : working good It's just all coaxial inputs which is suffered...
  2. forever.pramod

    No audio from Denon AVR

    I own a Denon X2000 AVR 10 months old. It's the 2nd time I faced same issue. One morning I just turned on my AVR, video was fine, but no audio from any of the speakers. Tried different sources like setup box, USB (ipod) and pure direct mode, but no luck. Googled few of the forums and got to...
  3. M

    no audio from onkyo HT-R390 connected to pc graphic card(XFX hd 6950)

    hi friends, i have connected my onkyo ht-r390 to the pc graphic card(xfx amd hd 6950) through HDMI cable. but the problem is i am not getting any audio from my receiver. :sad: my goal was to have 5.1 sound from my pc. for display i have connected a dell monitor to dvi output of my graphic...