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norge 1000

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. subhashis_1980

    For Sale Norge Concerto Gold 1000 Amplifier - less than a yar and half year old

    Hi All, I am placing my beloved Norge Concerto Gold 1000 Integrated Amplifier for sale: Information on the Amp: Age : Bought it directly from Shyam Bajaj on April end 2015. Age - 1 year and 4 months Working Condition : 10/10, perfect working condition...
  2. A

    Norge 1000 & Pioneer FS

    hi i am selling my norge gold 1000 & pioneer floor standing set up in mint condition. A very good setup and produce awesome stereo music comparable to very highend setups. PM if any one interested. :):)
  3. subhashis_1980

    Wanted Norge 1000 amplifier

    Hi all, Looking for a Norge 1000 amp in good condition. Do let me know in case someone wants to sell. Regards Subhashis
  4. subhashis_1980

    Integrated Amp to go with Polk Audio TSi 300 Speakers

    All, Need some help here. I am using a HT system having Denon 1912 with Polk TSi300 as fronts(through bi-amping). Now, I would like to add a integrated amp using my existing polk speakers. Need suggestions here. connections are made from the amp to speakers thru Banana plugs. Budget...
  5. D

    How to make use of Wharf 9.2 speakers for both stereo and HT Setup? (as front)

    All, lt's been a while but now i'm back to the forum. I have a pair of Wharf 9.2 book shelf speakers. I connected them to both Norge (for Stereo music setup) and Yamaha AVR for HT setup as front speakers. There are 4 connectors in the speaker with a gold plated link between both +ves and...
  6. A

    Sonodyne SiA320 vs Norge 1000

    Anyone has any views on the comparison between the two? as has been discussed before, we must compare Apples with Apples, not Oranges..
  7. A

    Hello! Buying Wharf 9.1 + Norge 1k, need advice on CDp

    Hi Everyone, After trolling through the forum for a week, I'm finally making my first post. After going through (the exhaustive) threads on entry-level speakers, I spent a couple of hours at Vector (Bangalore) today, and must say that Lokesh's service and attitude are behaviours I'd like...
  8. Teja

    Question on Norge amplifiers packaging

    (Note: I searched but didn't find a relevant thread, hence creating a new topic. Please move/merge if required.) I purchased the Norge 1000 Concerto Gold amp and received the shipment today from Norge (Eastern Electronics, Mumbai). Just unpacked it and have a few questions on the packaging...
  9. A

    Amp and Speaker help needed

    Hi Guys, I am planning to put my first step in my audio life. I don't have good budget to buy everything in one go or to start with a good AVR, So initially I am planning to get a good stereo amp and a bookshelf pair. I have decided to go with Norge 1000 and wharfedale 9.1/2/3. Norge...