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norge 2060

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. K

    Newbie looking for recommendations

    Hi everyone I am Krishnakumar. I am an audio enthusiast, my interest in audio has soared recently and this forum and been a trigger of sorts too. Very excited to be here. Bought a Norge 2060 yesterday and powered up a gorgeous Bose 601 from the late 70s I believe that it has been with my...
  2. S

    Suggestions for a CD player

    I'm looking for suggestions for a CD player (SACD or USB capabilities not required) within a budget of 30k. I can probably stretch it a bit but not too much. Some brands I looked at online and in HFV threads are Denon and Yamaha but most are out of my budget. I don't have anyone who can carry...
  3. frend2001

    For Sale Norge 2060 Amplifier

    Dear FMs, Up for sale Norge 2060 amplifier. Ownership : I'm second owner. Condition : It's in full working condiion with no issues what so ever. As told by the FM I bought it from, it has never been repaired, only on/off switch changed. Reason for sale : I have acquired Enbee Pre/Power...
  4. D

    Matching speakers for Norge 2060. Please suggest

    Can Somebody Please suggest cheap matching bookshelf speakers for Norge 2060 amp. The following are my options: 1. Polk T15 2. Polk Audio OWM5/Polk Audio OWM3 3. Sonodyne Sonus 1501 V3 4. Q Acoustics 2010/2010i 5. Boston Acoustics A25 6. Sonodyne Sonus 1501 V3 Please provide you valuable...
  5. A

    Help!! Speakers for Norge 2060

    Recently I bought a Norge 2060 Amplifier. Now I want to purchase a set of speakers for it for home use. I want a decent bass and treble from them. My budget is around 10k-15k. The speakers i'm using are from 90's and does not produce soothing music. Please suggest I'm a newbie, Don't know much...
  6. B

    Planning for a good entry level HiFi system

    Hi, I am totally new to HiFi system. Music is like breath for me. My favourite genres are Melody, Classical and Vocal. I also like selected western pop like 'Hotel California', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' etc. I have been listening to my favorites using my Pioneer EV5 music system. Now I would...
  7. K

    Norge 2060 amp - Four ports for each channel.

    I recently purchased a used pair of Wharfdale 10.2 speakers for 15k along with Norge 2060 amp for 3k. I think, I got a decent deal considering a new pair of Wharfdale 10.2 costs around 29k. But I am confused about the connectors/output ports on the Norge amp. There are four output ports for...
  8. L

    Advice needed: Norge2060, should I have it repaired from local repair shop?

    This may sound like a silly question, should i have my Norge 2060 amplifier repaired by the local electronics repairman? The amplifier has developed a minor fault, when I turn the volume knob high or low, the left speaker crackles. At times either of the speaker goes silent. The friendly folks...
  9. E

    Review: Converting burnt Audioengine A5 to passive speakers + Norge 2060 Amp.

    This is not really a usual DIY, but it somewhat fits here. I used to own a pair of Audioengine which started giving me problems around 2 years in with right speaker (passive) producing a wheezing sound for no reason. That was my first suspicion of that the system was on the verge of death...
  10. D

    DIY Floorstanders/Bookshelf: Help Required

    I am planning to build a pair of Floorstanders/Bookshelf speakers for myself. The basic usage would be to listen to old LP's on my new Denon 29F Turntable. I scurried around a lot but really didnt find find a good budget floorstander/bookshelf, I always felt them to be overpriced and hence...