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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. Black_Hawk

    Norge 2060 - Help Needed

    Hello, I'm planning to get a simple stereo setup for my room and have decided on the Wharfedale Diamond 220 along with a Norge 2060. However, my scenario is that I want to connect the Norge 2060 to my PC where all my music files are stored. My PC has a Asus Xonar DX audio card. I would like to...
  2. S

    For Sale Norge 1000 gold with Mission 751 bookshelf

    I'm putting my Norge 1000 gold and Mission 751 bookshelf speakers for sale. Details mentioned as below and photos attached. Model : Norge 1000 gold + Mission 751 Location : Palani, Tamilnadu Price : 23k (negotiable) The price for this combo is very less for the value of this combo Reason for...
  3. rsponline

    For Sale Budget Stereo (Norge 1000 Gold + Heco Victa 301 Bookshelf) For Sale

    Hello All, It is time to upgrade my beloved Stereo Setup and I am putting it for sale exclusively on Hifivision. Amp: Model : Norge 1000 Concerto Gold Expected price : 10500 INR Product Link: http://www.norgeaudio.com/norge-1000-gold.html Currently priced 21000 INR on technoguru...
  4. frend2001

    For Sale Norge 2060 Amplifier

    Dear FMs, Up for sale Norge 2060 amplifier. Ownership : I'm second owner. Condition : It's in full working condiion with no issues what so ever. As told by the FM I bought it from, it has never been repaired, only on/off switch changed. Reason for sale : I have acquired Enbee Pre/Power...
  5. M

    Edifier S2000 Pro availability in India

    Hey Guys, I am looking to make my first purchase of Speakers. So I decided on Edifier S2000 Pro for now! Does anyone knows any retailers in India selling Edifier Speakers? Hari
  6. subhashis_1980

    For Sale Norge Concerto Gold 1000 Amplifier - less than a yar and half year old

    Hi All, I am placing my beloved Norge Concerto Gold 1000 Integrated Amplifier for sale: Information on the Amp: Age : Bought it directly from Shyam Bajaj on April end 2015. Age - 1 year and 4 months Working Condition : 10/10, perfect working condition...
  7. K

    New Amplifier Stereo setup for a First Timer

    Hi, i sold my sony gz888d last year in order to invest in something much better. I have been reading a lot of columns over the last year to find an appropriate integrated stereo amplifier and a matching speaker system. In my 2bhk residence, i plan to place it in the living and the living is...
  8. G

    please Help

    Hello everyone. I am planning to buy a stereo setup with a budget of Rs 50000.I live in Hyderabad. I listen mostly Hindustani classical,Bollywood, Devotional music. I am thinking of buying Norge 1000 gold or Yamaha R- S201 . For speakers either Norge millennium or Wharfedale diamond...
  9. subhashis_1980

    Norge Experience and Service Center in Kolkata

    Hi Friends, I ordered a Norge 1000 last month along with remote(gave the order late). I paid through NEFT to the bank A/Cs. Just one thing I would like to mention here is what ever has been communicated to Mr. Bajaj, please ensure that you have done the same by calling in their landline...
  10. Y

    Looking for amplifier in 4k-15k norge/marantz

    Looking for a stereo integrated amplifier in very good condition. Preferably norge 1000 or any marantz. Atleast 50watts x2 @ 8 ohms.
  11. subhashis_1980

    Wanted Norge 1000 amplifier

    Hi all, Looking for a Norge 1000 amp in good condition. Do let me know in case someone wants to sell. Regards Subhashis
  12. Y

    Budget amplifier for wharfedale diamond 220s

    I purchased wharfedale diamond 220s from vector systems in hyderabad today. Im looking for a budget amp under 10k to drive them. I was told by the sales manager that norge is the way to go, but im not very educated about the hifi world and i have a few doubts. Im currently looking at the norge...
  13. L

    Norge 2060 Remote Control Query

    I am in the process of confirming my Norge 2060 along with the Mini tower Millenium speaker set from Mr. Bajaj. I have been quoted 2500/- separately for the remote control. Is it worth the price? What functions are typically available on the same? for eg Vol UP DOWN, Bass UP DOWN etc. This...
  14. K

    For Sale Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 + Norstone Stylum 2 Stands + Norge 2060

    Hi All, For sale is my entire audio system as I am moving to the US. I would prefer selling the speakers and stand together. Hence, posting the following: 1) Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 + Norstone Stylum 2 Stands Asking Price for Combo = Rs 20,000 excluding shipping. Purchase Price...
  15. Rupam

    Norge Nano Bookshelf Speakers Rs. 7,750

    Just came to read this review. Norge Nano Review, Price in India, Specifications - AVMAX on Tech2 If the it performs as good as reviewer claims, then its a treat for budget conscious audiophiles. Indian companies came a long way but still we can't shed our inhibitions about them !
  16. K

    Norge 2060 amp - Four ports for each channel.

    I recently purchased a used pair of Wharfdale 10.2 speakers for 15k along with Norge 2060 amp for 3k. I think, I got a decent deal considering a new pair of Wharfdale 10.2 costs around 29k. But I am confused about the connectors/output ports on the Norge amp. There are four output ports for...
  17. L

    Wanted Integrated amp and 2 floorstanders

    Am seriously looking for an integrated amp, preferable Norge 2060 or Mosfet 2000, 100 W or above rms per channel in 8 ohms, and a pair of floorstanders. This set up is for my home mainly for 80% music and maybe a movie sometime. Need clarity of sound and good soundstaging. Anyone upgrading can...
  18. H

    Where can i buy Norge Audio amp in Delhi

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here, had a couple of queries and I believe this is the best place to get answers. 1. Where can i get Norge Audio amps in and around Delhi 2. Norge MOSFET Reference 2000 vs Norge Concerto Gold 1000. Any reviews about the former and what price should I pick...
  19. santanusinha

    An article about Mr Shyam Bajaj and Norge audio

    Hi, Found this article about Mr Shyam Bajaj and the philosophy behind Norge Audio: Sofi Lundin | Shyam bajaj bajaj Not sure if this has been posted anywhere in this forum. Well written and interesting. Enj0y, Santanu
  20. I

    Norge Dealer in Hyderabad?

    Hi, Is there a Norge Dealer in Hyderabad? I've been asking all the major AV showrooms in Somajiguda / nearby areas and nobody seems to be dealing with Norge. I tried calling Norge Mumbai number to inquire about any Hyderabad dealer, but no answer. Anybody knows if there is a Norge dealer in...