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  1. rsponline

    For Sale Budget Stereo (Norge 1000 Gold + Heco Victa 301 Bookshelf) For Sale

    Hello All, It is time to upgrade my beloved Stereo Setup and I am putting it for sale exclusively on Hifivision. Amp: Model : Norge 1000 Concerto Gold Expected price : 10500 INR Product Link: http://www.norgeaudio.com/norge-1000-gold.html Currently priced 21000 INR on technoguru...
  2. F

    For Sale Norge 2060 Amplifier

    Dear FMs, Up for sale Norge 2060 amplifier. Ownership : I'm second owner. Condition : It's in full working condiion with no issues what so ever. As told by the FM I bought it from, it has never been repaired, only on/off switch changed. Reason for sale : I have acquired Enbee Pre/Power...
  3. M

    Edifier S2000 Pro availability in India

    Hey Guys, I am looking to make my first purchase of Speakers. So I decided on Edifier S2000 Pro for now! Does anyone knows any retailers in India selling Edifier Speakers? Hari
  4. subhashis_1980

    For Sale Norge Concerto Gold 1000 Amplifier - less than a yar and half year old

    Hi All, I am placing my beloved Norge Concerto Gold 1000 Integrated Amplifier for sale: Information on the Amp: Age : Bought it directly from Shyam Bajaj on April end 2015. Age - 1 year and 4 months Working Condition : 10/10, perfect working condition...
  5. K

    New Amplifier Stereo setup for a First Timer

    Hi, i sold my sony gz888d last year in order to invest in something much better. I have been reading a lot of columns over the last year to find an appropriate integrated stereo amplifier and a matching speaker system. In my 2bhk residence, i plan to place it in the living and the living is...
  6. G

    please Help

    Hello everyone. I am planning to buy a stereo setup with a budget of Rs 50000.I live in Hyderabad. I listen mostly Hindustani classical,Bollywood, Devotional music. I am thinking of buying Norge 1000 gold or Yamaha R- S201 . For speakers either Norge millennium or Wharfedale diamond...
  7. subhashis_1980

    Norge Experience and Service Center in Kolkata

    Hi Friends, I ordered a Norge 1000 last month along with remote(gave the order late). I paid through NEFT to the bank A/Cs. Just one thing I would like to mention here is what ever has been communicated to Mr. Bajaj, please ensure that you have done the same by calling in their landline...
  8. Y

    Looking for amplifier in 4k-15k norge/marantz

    Looking for a stereo integrated amplifier in very good condition. Preferably norge 1000 or any marantz. Atleast 50watts x2 @ 8 ohms.
  9. subhashis_1980

    Wanted Norge 1000 amplifier

    Hi all, Looking for a Norge 1000 amp in good condition. Do let me know in case someone wants to sell. Regards Subhashis
  10. Y

    Budget amplifier for wharfedale diamond 220s

    I purchased wharfedale diamond 220s from vector systems in hyderabad today. Im looking for a budget amp under 10k to drive them. I was told by the sales manager that norge is the way to go, but im not very educated about the hifi world and i have a few doubts. Im currently looking at the norge...
  11. L

    Norge 2060 Remote Control Query

    I am in the process of confirming my Norge 2060 along with the Mini tower Millenium speaker set from Mr. Bajaj. I have been quoted 2500/- separately for the remote control. Is it worth the price? What functions are typically available on the same? for eg Vol UP DOWN, Bass UP DOWN etc. This...
  12. K

    For Sale Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 + Norstone Stylum 2 Stands + Norge 2060

    Hi All, For sale is my entire audio system as I am moving to the US. I would prefer selling the speakers and stand together. Hence, posting the following: 1) Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 + Norstone Stylum 2 Stands Asking Price for Combo = Rs 20,000 excluding shipping. Purchase Price...
  13. Rupam

    Norge Nano Bookshelf Speakers Rs. 7,750

    Just came to read this review. Norge Nano Review, Price in India, Specifications - AVMAX on Tech2 If the it performs as good as reviewer claims, then its a treat for budget conscious audiophiles. Indian companies came a long way but still we can't shed our inhibitions about them !
  14. K

    Norge 2060 amp - Four ports for each channel.

    I recently purchased a used pair of Wharfdale 10.2 speakers for 15k along with Norge 2060 amp for 3k. I think, I got a decent deal considering a new pair of Wharfdale 10.2 costs around 29k. But I am confused about the connectors/output ports on the Norge amp. There are four output ports for...
  15. L

    Wanted Integrated amp and 2 floorstanders

    Am seriously looking for an integrated amp, preferable Norge 2060 or Mosfet 2000, 100 W or above rms per channel in 8 ohms, and a pair of floorstanders. This set up is for my home mainly for 80% music and maybe a movie sometime. Need clarity of sound and good soundstaging. Anyone upgrading can...
  16. H

    Where can i buy Norge Audio amp in Delhi

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here, had a couple of queries and I believe this is the best place to get answers. 1. Where can i get Norge Audio amps in and around Delhi 2. Norge MOSFET Reference 2000 vs Norge Concerto Gold 1000. Any reviews about the former and what price should I pick...
  17. santanusinha

    An article about Mr Shyam Bajaj and Norge audio

    Hi, Found this article about Mr Shyam Bajaj and the philosophy behind Norge Audio: Sofi Lundin | Shyam bajaj bajaj Not sure if this has been posted anywhere in this forum. Well written and interesting. Enj0y, Santanu
  18. I

    Norge Dealer in Hyderabad?

    Hi, Is there a Norge Dealer in Hyderabad? I've been asking all the major AV showrooms in Somajiguda / nearby areas and nobody seems to be dealing with Norge. I tried calling Norge Mumbai number to inquire about any Hyderabad dealer, but no answer. Anybody knows if there is a Norge dealer in...
  19. cha_indian

    Any Norge Speakers owners in Hyderabad ?

    Hi I am looking to audition Norge gear in Hyderabad....so I would like to know if any hyderbadi on this forum owns Norge gear. I am a great fan of Norge and i would like to build my second setup with bookshelves for my computer audio. Request any Norge owners to let me know if they can spare...
  20. Santy

    For Sale Sparingly used Norge Millenium Bookshelves

    Hi Folks Up for sale is my Norge Millennium MKII speakers just under 1 year old. This is considered to be one of the best budget speakers of audiophile grade. For its pricing, its an excellent value for money. It has good bass and nice midrange. If you have still not stepped into HiFi...