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  1. cha_indian

    Any Norge Speakers owners in Hyderabad ?

    Hi I am looking to audition Norge gear in Hyderabad....so I would like to know if any hyderbadi on this forum owns Norge gear. I am a great fan of Norge and i would like to build my second setup with bookshelves for my computer audio. Request any Norge owners to let me know if they can spare...
  2. Santy

    For Sale Sparingly used Norge Millenium Bookshelves

    Hi Folks Up for sale is my Norge Millennium MKII speakers just under 1 year old. This is considered to be one of the best budget speakers of audiophile grade. For its pricing, its an excellent value for money. It has good bass and nice midrange. If you have still not stepped into HiFi...
  3. S

    Feedback on Jamo E 750 and help with an Amp

    Dear Friends, After drooling for 8 years, I have now decided to get myself a good audio system. My initial budget of 30K has stretched to 40K. Had read a lot about Norge speakers and amps..... but cannot have a demo here in Delhi NCR :( Am getting a pair of Jamo E 750 (Brand New with 2...
  4. Teja

    Question on Norge amplifiers packaging

    (Note: I searched but didn't find a relevant thread, hence creating a new topic. Please move/merge if required.) I purchased the Norge 1000 Concerto Gold amp and received the shipment today from Norge (Eastern Electronics, Mumbai). Just unpacked it and have a few questions on the packaging...
  5. denzong

    For Sale Norge Phono Pre Stage

    New piece Norge Phono Pre Stage up for sale. Bought it 15 days back thinking would connect to my TT but got hold of Sansui Au 717 thereby no need for this. :yahoo: Buyer pays for shipping outside mumbai. Final price and no negotiation Rs. 2500.
  6. S

    Newbie seeking help with Norge Audio

    Hi guys, Im a wannabe audiophile and have been doing some research on Norge Audio. Checked out the Norgeaudio website but everything seems pretty old (2007-09 variety). I liked the looks and review for a combo of Norge Ref 2000 Amp with Millenium Bookshelf Speakers / Tower speakers. Can anyone...
  7. V

    Wanted Norge amplifier with minimum 100W rms output

    Hi All, I needed a Norge stereo amplifier with minimum 100W rms output power. If anyone is willing to sell then kindly message me. ~Vivek
  8. S

    Yamaha Amps

    Hi, Has anyone used Yamaha 2 channel amps? How do they perform? I have shortlisted the Yamaha AX497 Stereo amp to drive my Wharfedale 9.1s. I mostly listen to Rock, RnB & Metal like GnR, Richard Marx, Dire Straits, Megadeth and Metallica. Occasionally Akon, Rihanna. Presently I am...
  9. S

    stereo system under 30k

    Please guide me for buying a stereo system consisting of an Amplifier, Speakers,and a Cd Player my Budget is 30K including taxes. I want to use this sytem in my living room 12*16feet. I listen to rock music and Hindi music ( R.D. Burman). I have shortlisted Norge 2060 Amplifier and Torvin...
  10. S

    Altec Lansing MX5021E or Norge 4242 ?

    Hi folks, I have been reading a lot on these forums and finally got registered. I have read both about the Altec Lansing MX5021E and the Norge Amps. Here is my questions. I had a old sony 50 Rms combo unit which died a few weeks ago. The speakers are fine thou (6 ohms 50 rms) so i need to buy...
  11. sonosphere

    Norge-1000 amp with Wharfedale 9.1

    Norge-1000 amp with Wharfedale 9.1 & 9.2 Hi! Specially to guys looking for budget-system, After going thru lot of posts on this forum and search on web, I am done with the theory part and today ventured into auditioning things for myself. I hope my experience below will help other...
  12. S

    Seconds NAD 302 or Norge

    Hello, This is my first post on the group, I must admit what a great and proactive community this is.:) I am looking for a good stereo setup, for my room of size, 12' x 15'. To outline what kind of music I am going to play on it .. I mostly(and expanding my taste) listen to bands like...
  13. B

    Norge 1000 Vs SonoDyne Vs AudioCraft (Craftel) 2 Channels.

    Hi, I want to know the audiotion experience of anyone who has auditioned all the three amps (Norge/Sonodyne and Audiocraft). I have auditioned Norge 1000 and a sonodyne amp (with different speakers in different locations) and found that norge has better sound and is value for money. I...
  14. M

    Sanen Acoustics, Norge, Craftel, Lithos, Lyrita, Enbee, Birco

    Hi Folks, Have been searching searching through this forum for quiet some time. Most of the ppl here just talk about systems manufactured by International players and where the price for a decent stereo system (Integrated Amp + 2 floor standers) easily exceeds 40K - 50k I also came to...
  15. V

    Amplifier under 25K

    Hello Everyone This is my first post in this forum. I have a Jamo C605 pair and want to buy a stereo amplifier under 25K. Please suggest me I'm really confused :confused: after reading so many reviews on NAD , Norge , Marantz and so many other models. Thanks in advance
  16. S

    Hi-Fi Newbie

    Hello everybody. I am a complete Hi-Fi newbie, and my previous music listening has been primarily been on computer speakers. However, I happened to audition (I gather thats what people call it here) a friend's yamaha reciever and a yamaha floor standers rigged to a phillips CD/DVD player...