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nos dac

  1. SachinChavan

    CD players with NOS/R2R DAC?

    Two questions: 1. Is R2R same as NOS DAC? Or is there an overlap? Are all R2Rs NOS? Or vice versa? 2. Which CD players (not just DACs) are currently available that are built using NOS/R2R DAC? In what price range are they? Which are the most affordable ones? (I know one can always combine a...
  2. sumanhomroy

    My new NOS DAC project-TDA151X based

    Hi All, I have started building one of my dream, that is NOS DAC (Non- oversampling) with the help of my friend who is a master technician. I always had a dream of having a NOS DAC, however because of the very high price of NOS DAC and also the fact that it is not available in India that...
  3. F

    For Sale Brand NEW TeraDak (Valab) NOS DAC 2.6

    Hey folks, Recently purchased a TeraDak (Valab) Non-oversampling DAC on Ebay. Got the FedEx 3 days ago. It sounds really warm and really detailed mids, what some may call "analog-y". However, it doesn't pair well with my fostex fullrange, which already has shouty mids. But, this DAC would...