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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. A

    For Sale Audio Note DAC 2.1x signature

    Audio Note DAC 2.1x signature Hello, So after a long stint with two channel audio I have decided to give back the dedicated audio room to the family and settle down with a smaller system in the living room. Hence for sale is my much loved and cared for Audio Note Dac 2.1x signature. This...
  2. S

    For Sale Tubes (Pre and Power)

    Hello All, I have recently sold my Ayon Integrated Tube Amplifier. So I have lot of spare tubes which are of no use to me now. So I'm putting them for sale. All the prices are 40%-50% less of what I have bought, so please don't bargain. Shipping at actuals. 1. SED Winged C 6550 Power tube...
  3. amit11

    Which NOS tube 6sn7

    Hi Friends, I thought of changing the default chinese tubes which came with Yaqin CD3. Now I have got few NOS tubes (4 sets) to audition. After doing multiple listening sessions over the last week, my near conclusion is that I still prefer the chinese tube. When I had first changed the...
  4. gurubhai

    For Sale Amperex 6DJ8 and various 6AS7 tubes

    Due to a recent change in circumstance, I need to let go some of my tubes : First up, 6AS7/6080 tubes often used as output tubes in OTL headphone amplifiers like Bottlehead Crack: 6H13c Winged C (1972): Russian equivalent of 6AS7 - Rs. 800/- 6H5c Winged C : Another...
  5. F

    ODAC (or) Valab NOS (or) Aune T1 Tube DAC wanted

    Hey FMs, I am in the market for a DAC. While I wouldn't mind buying a new one online, there are a plethora of choices and equally conflicting reviews around. So, my plan is to buy them, one by one in the used market to see what works for me. So, if any of you guys want to get rid of your ODAC...