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old speakers

  1. K

    New AVR for old speakers

    Hi, I have been having a HTiB (onkyo HT-R320) for over 7 years(sourced from US) and has been serving very well for the needs. Its a 600W Amp with each speaker/sub rated at 100W. Due to power surge, i believe the AVR is shutting down after power on. Will try to repair, but if its of no use, I...
  2. A

    Restoring old bookshelf speakers!

    I have found in my dad's storeroom a pair of 25 yr old Japanese Criterion 100b bookshelf speakers with a 10" woofer and three 1" tweeters each. They are about two feet tall. Also found was an old Sansui amplifier. Everything still works but sounds muddy and boomy everywhere. I have...