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oled display

  1. OM_2K19

    LG 42-inch OLED TV Panel to Be 33% Cheaper than 55" - Will You Bite at $1000?

    Sounds tempting?
  2. P

    OLED chrominance overshoot test

    I've just bought LG CX and found the issue especially annoying during rotation in FPP games (deal breaker in dark horrors). I've implemented simple app to bring the problem out; could you please check if trailing arch is visible at some point of circural gradient? It would be very informative to...
  3. V

    OLED TVs in India - Any news?

    Anybody has any idea when OLED (Organic) Tvs will be launched in India? I hope they will be here within a year or so. I am interested because they will be next step to LCDs and plasmas. Those who are not aware can seach on the net for more information.