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oled tv

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. S

    LG 77" CX OLED best price?

    Even though the 77" model is quite overpriced in India, after lots of deliberation we have decided that it is the best option for our home theater/living room, considering that even the best projectors in the industry (like the JVC NX7) pale in comparison in picture quality. I hope it's okay...
  2. P

    OLED chrominance overshoot test

    I've just bought LG CX and found the issue especially annoying during rotation in FPP games (deal breaker in dark horrors). I've implemented simple app to bring the problem out; could you please check if trailing arch is visible at some point of circural gradient? It would be very informative to...
  3. N

    Marshall Woburn 2 for music and TV

    Can a Marshall Woburn 2 be used both for playing music and to enhance my LG OLED C7 TV experience? Wish to have a single speaker to cater to my music and movies needs, at least for now. Could consider expanding later to a home theatre.
  4. N

    TV - Demand a Glossy Screen for Your Money

    It is important to consider that no current TV has a glossy screen except the high-end Samsung's QLED and Sony/LG's OLED. A glossy screen is required to make the colours pop and enjoy watching for a long time without eye strain. They can still have some light coatings to avoid glass-like full...
  5. ratheesh

    Sony Master Series TV range : AF9 OLED & ZF9 LCD

    Sony is taking the unusual step of launching new TV models in the middle of summer. The company announced updated OLED and LCD 4K HDR TVs back at CES, but it’s not quite done for this year. At an event today in New York City that had the tagline “a masterpiece unveiled,” Sony Electronics...
  6. V

    OLED TVs in India - Any news?

    Anybody has any idea when OLED (Organic) Tvs will be launched in India? I hope they will be here within a year or so. I am interested because they will be next step to LCDs and plasmas. Those who are not aware can seach on the net for more information.