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onkyo 3100

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    Which 2.1 Speakers for listening to Music?

    Hey, I'm not an audiophile but going though so many posts here, I'm just overwhelmed so many in India exist! I have a Onkyo HT 3100 HTIB setup (unpowered SUb). I'm looking to purchase a couple of speakers for listening to music. I have no clue what brand I should go in for. Kind of...
  2. L

    Need your help between Panasonic SC-PT480 and Onkyo 3100

    Hi Guyz, Really really confused now. The more i read the more confused i get. :mad: I am willing to spend 25-28k on a good home theater system. I trialled everything from Panasonic SC-PT480 to Onkyo 3100 to Yamaha YHT 292 to Yamaha YHT 392 to sony, philips. I could not lay my hands on...
  3. A

    Onkyo S3100 with Blu-ray Player

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a blu-ray player and Onkyo home theater System S3100 to pair with my Full HD LCD TV. However the onkyo dealer is saying I would not be able experience the true HD quality sound and Picture since the S3100 doesn't support the HDMI input/output. Also it doesn't have the...