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onkyo 3300 3400

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    Onkyo HTS-3500 or Pioneer HTP-RS40

    Let me introduce my self here in this forum as this is my first post here. I am Arjun working as SE in MNC in bangalore. I love clear & crisp music with good base. Let me just say i love quality music in everything right from TV shows, games on PS3, Music CDs and Movies. It my dream since i was...
  2. M

    no audio from onkyo HT-R390 connected to pc graphic card(XFX hd 6950)

    hi friends, i have connected my onkyo ht-r390 to the pc graphic card(xfx amd hd 6950) through HDMI cable. but the problem is i am not getting any audio from my receiver. :sad: my goal was to have 5.1 sound from my pc. for display i have connected a dell monitor to dvi output of my graphic...
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    HTiB for 25k for movies and gaming via PS3

    Hi. I have no idea in India we have a board like this. I was usually searching foreign boards but they are not exactly helpful as much of that stuff isnt available here in India. So Im glad I found it! I want a HTiB recommendation for ~25k. Now, I am a huge movie buff. Have been watching...
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    main difference between 3300 vs 3400 ( besides the extra hdmi port) ?

    is it worth the money compared to 3400 ( i dont mind less no. of hdmi ports) but money is a serious issue !
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    and can someone tell me whats the best price of 3300 and 3400 in chennai ?

    can someone tell me the best price of both in Chennai , and if 3300 is cheap , is it worth the money compared to 3400 ( i dont mind less no. of hdmi ports )