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onkyo 3300

Home Theatre Systems
  1. R

    Need help to upgrade speakers for Onkyo ht-s3300

    Hi, I am completely new to this forum and completely new to audio technologies as well, i have Onkyo HT S3300 HT package,the speaker system came with onkyo HT S3300 are plastic ones except sub woofer which i feel very week in producing the sound,so i am planning to upgrade speakers for my AVR...
  2. S

    Playing 7.1 Blu ray disc on 5.1 Onkyo 3300 HTS

    Hi Friends, I have my PS3 connected to Onkyo 3300 via a HDMI cable. I just purchased the Jurassic Park Trilogy Blu-ray.I am using the PS3 to play the blu-ray .The audio shows up as 7.1 channel , since Onkyo 3300 is a 5.1 system , I am not sure if I am missing out the rear left and rear...
  3. O

    Anyone with Onkyo HTS 3300 and Tata Sky HD Plus?

    I have a Tata Sky HD Plus box connected to my Onkyo HTS 3300 receiver, through HDMI. As the Tata Sky HD Plus box is unable to output Dolby audio through HDMI, I've also connected the two by a Component Audio cable. I wasn't getting Dolby audio on the receiver, however. A quick check of the...
  4. Vijay_s

    Reccomend a DVD player to compliment Onkyo 3300 HTIB

    Last friday without any planning I did two purchases. 1. PS3 360 GB (considering its blu-ray capability) 2. Onkyo 3300S HTIB After connecting the both I realized the overlapping or underused features of both. 1. PS3 decode the TRUE-HD and DTSHD then send it as a PCM to Onkyo making AV...
  5. A

    Onkyo HT-S3300 Vs Samsung HT-C555 Vs Sony DAV-DZ510 Vs Philips HTS5530

    Hai guys! Firstly, thanks for contributing your responses and helping many novices like me in choosing best HT. I am planning for my first Home Theatre for my 42" LG Plasma TV. My room is big one in duplex house and though it measures 15(L)x24(w)x20(H), the entertaiment area is...
  6. S

    Onkyo S3300 vs Denon DHT390XP vs Sony DAV-DZ610

    Hi, I am confused between these HT systems (My budget is 30K max.): 1) Onkyo s3300 2) Denon DHT390XP Can someone highlight major differences, pros, cons about these. Is ONkyo good for music as well? Or can I go for purchasing my HT in steps. If yes than how should I go about it...