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onkyo 3400 dts

Wharfedale Speakers
  1. S

    Polk rti a7 speakers for onkyo rt 390 ( 3400) avr???

    Hi all I am using onkyo 3400 system as of now , i am looking to gradually upgrade to much better system but step wise .. I want to buy 2 front speakers as of now like polk a7 and connect them to the onkyo avr and probably buy new avr in3 months ( denon avx2000 or marantz 5006) and then later...
  2. Balaaji

    Denon 1312xp or Onkyo 3400?

    Hi all, Onkyo 3400 or denon 1312xp? Confused.. Actually in this forum most people suggest to get Onkyo 3400. But which is the best and upgradable in future? I heard that denon receiver is better than Onkyo. Now I need you people support on this. Which is best? Also plz suggest dealers for...
  3. L

    Denon DHT-1312xp

    Hi Guys, Please let me know the price for Denon DHT-1312xp in Bangalore and suggest me whether we can go for Onkyo HTS 3400 or Denon DHT-1312xp.. I am getting Onkyo HTS 3400 for 28K with Philips BDP 2700 player. The new Denon DHT-1312xp will be around 30K without any freebie.. Let me...
  4. S

    Help with DTS output from Freeagent Theatre plus on Onkyo 3400

    Hi again all, This time I have a couple of queries :) and sorry to sound naive in this forum. I have a freeagent theatre setup with Onkyo 3400 through HDMI (in) and HDMI (out) to LCD. Everything works fine, its nice to listen to (in fact i just loved the 3400!). I was overjoyed with...