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onkyo 608

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. R

    Onkyo AVR is dead; new AVR or switch to soundbar?

    My setup included and Onkyo TX SR-608, Polk Audio PSW10 (subwoofer), Polk Audio CS10 (centre) and Polk Audio Monitor 30B surrounds. Everything was bought circa 2010 and I carried it back with me from the US. Unfortunately, the Onkyo is died around a year back. I now have no sound output, owing...
  2. K

    5.1 for Onkyo TX SR-608

    Hi, I got a Onkyo SR 608 from US and I am looking for a good 5.1 to go with it. I have a budget or around 25k. I am leaning into Boston Acoustics Soundware XS but I don't see a store in Chennai carrying it. Can you please suggest if there are any alternatives to it or a way to acquire...
  3. snorkel4u

    Final call - Prices for Onkyo 608/ Denon 1611/ 1911 - Which one to buy now ?

    Now is the time to hear you veterans golden advice. You must have seen my posts in the hunt for an HT/HTiB ranging from buying an Onkyo 3300 and then to Onkyo 3400 and then to making a custom HT, opting for Onkyo 608 v/s Yamaha 667 v/s Denon 1611/ 1911..... interests - 60% Movies, 40%...
  4. A

    Paradigm Cinema CT 110 with Denon 1911, Onkyo 608 or Yamaha 667????

    Hey guys, Am planning to setup my HT in my living room (20ftx12ft) and i have decided on the following equips: 1. Paradigm CT 110 5.1 speakers (can one suggest anything better at the same price range??) 2. Denon 1911, Onkyo 608 or Yamaha 667 AVR's I am not keen on tower speakers as...
  5. B

    Step Down Transformer for Onkyo 608

    Hi guys, After one year of researching I finally booked the onkyo SR 608 through a friend in US, since there is limit luggage space I have no options and need to find a good Step down transformer in Bangalore. I will be using for movies and music, will go long hours during weekends and...