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onkyo - yamaha

Home Theatre Systems
  1. S

    Please suggested me a good home theater!!!

    Well i m new into this world ...but a great fan of listen music n watching movies ...looking for superior audio sound experience ... Budget upto 100000 rs ...any1 who tried dolby atmos home theater ...can u share ur thought ...onkyo home theater is available ...but read many negative feed back...
  2. Gamerps360

    "Looking for a Decent HTS 5.1 (4K), Have Onkyo HTS S3400"

    Dear All, It is an honor to be a part of this forum which has helped me in numerous ways to buy my HTS 4 years ago as well as my LED/Plasma TVs. But right now in the age of 4Ks & 4K 60Hz, 4K Streaming, 4K 3D.... I need a very good yet a reasonable AV Amplifier with a matching...
  3. S

    Mix n Match

    Hi AV Enthusiasts, I have an Onkyo HTR590 Amp paired with SKF590 front speakers, The 7.1 experience is great. Just thinking if the performance can be enhanced by replacing SKF 590 front speakers with Yamaha Floor standers NS8390. My primary usage is watching concert DVD & listening to music...
  4. Rupam

    Which brand of HTiB you have?

    In this festive season people are in a hurry to buy HTiBs. Enthusiastic people goes through this forum and takes time to read the posts and decide to buy their HTiB setup. So let us see which brand of HTiB is most preferred by the hifivision members. I request all the owners of HTiB to post a...
  5. Balaaji

    Pioneer RS 33 vs Onkyo HTS 3400

    Hi All, Im from chennai and looking for home theater. Im ver y new to this forum. Need experts advice. I saw Onkyo HTS 3400 which is very decent sounded and i saw Pioneer RS 33 which is visibly big and the bass was huge.:) Now im confused to decide, My budget is 30K and onkyo is 28k and...
  6. N

    Onkyo 3100 - yamaha hts195

    Which one is a better bet between the two? ONKYO 3100 - YAMAHA HTS195 Price in Chennai:- Onkyo 3100 - Rs.21750/- Yamaha 195 - Rs.23000/- On having a demo - Onkyo had more clarity than other HTiB's within this budget. Yamaha sounded better on high end models. What is the technical...