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online ups

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. baijuxavior

    Emerson Liebert GXT MT+ on line UPS

    An online UPS was always on my radar for a long time. Took the plunge recently and bought 1KVA UPS from Emerson Liebert. Liebert GXT MT+ 1,2 & 3 kVA Online UPS Even though APC is the market leader, I mainly went for Emerson as this brand is used by some of our forum members for powering...
  2. V

    APC Online UPS neutral voltage issue

    I recently purchased an APC online UPS SRC 2000XLI-CC to power my stereo set up. The UPS has a constant output of 230 V in the line, but it outputs rather high voltages in the neutral. I have measured constant 80 volts using a multi-meter in neutral when the UPS is working from the battery...

    Discarding Online UPS

    Hi, A friend of mine has the following UPS ,in new unused condition which he has wants to sell at throw away prices ( less than 50 % of market price) Intelli Q - 5 KVA APC - 3 KVa APC - 5 KVA Emerson- 2 KVA Eaton - 6 KVA Delta - 2 KVA Numeric - 3 KVA Numeric - 5 KVA I have no...