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  1. M

    Importing AVR from UK

    I am planning to buy a new AVR, probably Yamaha RXV-481, but price in India is around Rs 40,000/-. The same AVR can be bought from amazon.co.uk for GBP 279, which is roughly Rs 23,000/-. Has anyone tried importing an AVR from abroad from an online retailer? What extra charges would I need to pay?
  2. ShutterX

    Best online music streaming service in india?

    What do you think is the best high quality music streaming service in India? There are some lovely streaming services like tidal.com which do not work here. I havent been able to find any that seem to operate here Including Google Music. iTunes is very commercial and focus more on diversity than...
  3. Santy

    Distance MBA?

    My dear friends I have done my Engineering and I now wish to pursue an online / distance MBA course to strengthen my career. Specialization if possible in Healthcare Management. I have 10+ yrs of professional experience. For me, study materials need to be crisp. I prefer less walking on streets...
  4. J

    Where to buy latest Malayalam Audio CDs online / shop in Bangalore?

    Friends, I am looking for buying Audio CDs of latest Malayalam film music. The usual sites doesn't carry them - Flipkart, Landmark etc. I also checked stores like Temptation, Reliance Digital etc. Any help on this regard will be greatly appreciated
  5. J

    Buying a Turn Table online

    Dear All, Would you recommend buying a TT online. I am worried about the packaging and shipping as a TT is more fragile with lots of moving parts. Also I am worried about the service and warranty. I looked at some UK sites where I can get a Pro-Ject/Thorens TT for around 30-40K INR...