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open baffle

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
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    Youtube video of Sumanta's Open Baffles

    Hi, I have borrowed Sumanta's OBs for a week and I found the sound coming out of them really fantabulous. They have been built using Ahuja drivers and costs 10k (Sumanta pls correct me if I am wrong) Even though my wife is not a regular listener, she gets mesmerized to the musical treat...
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    Need suggestions for my DIY project.

    I am looking to make my first DIY speaker. Its going to be a 3 way open baffle speaker. Drivers: 10'' woofer from Criterion 100b speakers. its 8 ohm, 40w. I had these lying around, really old, they work very well. I have got a pair of Peerless - 25mm Fabric Dome Tweeter - SR10DT and a pair...
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    An budget DIY loudspeaker it in India?

    Hi friends.. I want to do a DIY project. This will be my first, so i am looking for a kit. The cabinet i can build with the help of a carpenter. I am on a break form work so have a lot of time on hand. I would prefer a full range with a super tweeter. Or maybe an open baffle setup. I...
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    Fun DIY Project :: Horn Loaded Open baffle speakers

    Hi All, With the Pune weather becoming absolutely pleasant with the onset of Monsoon, I decided (not)work from home this Friday. With my wife at work and with me left all alone with little work at hand, I started to feel certain urges. Don't get me wrong here, I am purely talking about DIY...