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oppo 981

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    For Sale Oppo DV-981HD SACD,DVD

    Hi All I am going to sell my Hi end OPPO DV-981HD DVD & SACD Player which is imported from USA via ebay.com one year back l.Now going to buy oppo blue ray player.All functions works perfect and updated with new available firmware. Oppo DV-981HD Review - Watch CNET's Video Review Condition:-...
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    Oppo DV-981H with Optoma HD65

    I have recently purchased Optoma HD65. Beautiful little piece of technology! I am driving my audio through Onkyo S3105 5.1. I currently own a Philips 3166 dvd player with progressive scan, but I intend to buy a good upscaling dvd player with HDMI. I recently went through many reviews about...