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  1. S

    Wanted Oppo 203

    Hi, Looking to downgrade from Oppo 205. So if someone is willing to let go of Oppo 203 or want to upgrade to 205, Please PM me. Regards, Sajjad.
  2. cybervinay

    SOLD Like New Oppo UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player

    I bought this unit considering I will be using it, but I don't see any usage in near future as I have no plans to upgrade to 4K projectors. Hardly used a couple of times Reference Quality Video with HDR & Dolby Vision & Lossless, High-Resolution Audio capabilities If you are aware, this unit is...
  3. E

    Wanted Decent Blu Ray Player

    Hi Looking out for the following Blu Ray player...either brand or model..in good working condition....Region Free would be a blessing..else Region A Marantz UD7007 Cambridge Audio CXU or older models... Oppo 103 or 103D Based on its condition and warranty availability (if any) and...
  4. E

    Wanted OPPO 103 Blu Ray Player

    Hi Looking out for a pristine condition OPPO 103 Blu Ray player...preferred Region Free.... I saw other older models available and would like the 103 model due to its connectivity options... Should have all the accessories along with it. I am sure those owning such players would have...
  5. bigron

    Oppo BDP 105D, views, reviews & connectivity ?

    Hello People In a bit of a conundrum off late and looking for some suggestions. I have a Samsung F7500 blueray player connected to a Denon AVR 2807. The system works great but the upgrade bug has bit me. Looking to upgrade to the 105d and using the analog audio out to connect to the 'ext in'...
  6. HTuser

    Can Oppo BDP-83 play HD Audio from .mkv or .m2ts movie files on a dlna server

    Hi, I would like to know whether Oppo BDP-83 can play HD Audio from DLNA server. I tried few Dolby TrueHD and DTS HDMA files (.m2ts) but the audio is not coming. BDP is not showing audio information at all. If the audio in the .m2ts file is dolby 5.1 or dts 5.1, the file is playing fine...
  7. S

    For Sale Oppo 983H -Audiophile DVD player in excellent condition.

    Approximately 6 years old, Single owner, Bought by a relative from US, Used for 3 years and lying unused at Navi Mumbai since June 2011 as I moved to Pune. Reason for sale- Not using it, Working flawlessly and in great cosmetic condition, Have all the original accessories and packing...
  8. jls001

    OPPO PM-1 Over-the-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Review of the OPPO PM-1 Over-the-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones here. It does look like a credible alternative to the Audezes and Hifimans. Note also that the reviewer refers briefly to the Oppo HA-1 headphone amp cum DAC (does 24/384 and DSD).
  9. gobble

    Unable to view DLAN media files in Oppo BD-80

    Greetings I just installed MediaTomb DLNA UPnP server on my Linux Mint 15 and I verifed the mp4 files downloaded from YouTube can be viewed and played on my Androind UPnP browser. But funnily the Oppo BD-80 lists the folder shared under DLNA on my PC and even lists and plays a single mp3...
  10. Hassan Khani

    For Sale Emotiva XPA-5, UMC-1 and Oppo DV-983H

    Hi, For sale is the below items: 1. Emotiva XPA-5 Gen 1(Expected price - 70K/-) A five channel amplifier with headroom has a power supply capable of peaking well beyond its continuous rating, making it extremely dynamic, while retaining clear imaging and detail. 200 watts into 8 ohms (300...
  11. E

    New Member - Abhi

    Hello - My name is Abhishek. I have recently moved to Bangalore. My listening interests include classic Rock, Blues, very few Country and more recently experimenting with Jazz. My earlier setup was 2 TSBL (fronts), TC2 (Center) and 2TSB (rears); accompanied by a T300 sub. In-case you've...
  12. K

    For Sale Rotel RA 1520 Stereo Integrated Amplifier and Oppo BDP-93

    For sale are the following items which are in mint condition and hardly used as I had to travel overseas soon after these purchases. I would be traveling again in a quarter for even more longer duration and don't want to rest them throughout. 1. Rotel RA 1520 Int Amp with remote One Year...
  13. S

    Oppo BDP-105: Mini Review

    Double Post
  14. muradasa7

    Should i get the Oppo BD 83 multi region now?

    Hi..I presently have a Sony BDP S370 and a PS3 to take care of my Blu ray needs. Yesterday my Sony S370 refused to read any disc and has gone for warranty repair. I was shocked by this turn of events in so short a time and am seriously looking at getting a Oppo BD 83 or an Azur BD 650 . Do you...
  15. A

    Oppo S39HD and OndaVI20 touch screen media player...

    hi was looking for a reasonable price range media player with touch screen.. found the Oppo S39HD and Onda VI20 to be pretty decent from spec perspective... was wondering if anyone in this forum has a user experience of these devices and also how to go about buying these.. I could only spot a...
  16. A

    park impex inc(high end home theater setup)

    Hi, We are basically into video conferencing and now stating into the high end home theater segment.We have a stock of epson panosonic projectors,,,and also oppo blue ray players.We have a showroom in Madurai ,in Tamil Nadu where you can demo all this products.Please contact us for good price...
  17. madbullram

    WD TV vs Oppo DVDp vs Philips 4750

    Finally, Venkat and I got time to do the Oppo vs WD TV vs Philips 4750 PQ test. Venkat, a polymath, whom I was expecting to have a lot of grey hair and old, turned to be very very young gentleman not at heart but also in the looks department. My mom is still grappling with disbelief that...
  18. K

    Panasonic PV8 + KEF KIT200 + Amp?

    Hi, This is Kiran from Mumbai. Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this forum. I didnt know where to begin so the Introductions was the best place. I currently have a Panasonic PV8 and a KEF KIT200 HTIB system (it is 5.1 system with subwoofer and a DVD player). Now the Panasonic...
  19. M

    Oppo DV-981H with Optoma HD65

    I have recently purchased Optoma HD65. Beautiful little piece of technology! I am driving my audio through Onkyo S3105 5.1. I currently own a Philips 3166 dvd player with progressive scan, but I intend to buy a good upscaling dvd player with HDMI. I recently went through many reviews about...