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optical coaxial

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  1. noblejose

    HDMI from Blu-ray>TV and Optical from TV>AVR OR Optical from Blu-ray>AVR

    Hi All, I'm in confusion, Have an old model AVR which only supports Optical and Coaxial. What is the best way to connect it to my blu-ray, TV setup. I believe its better to connect HDMI to TV and then take TV Optical out to AVR?? :confused: Should I choose PCM or Bitstream? :confused:
  2. B

    Coaxial & Optical digital cable??

    Ventured into unchartered teritorry at last. :D Question: Coaxial and Optical cable being digital, does a decent quality cable like belkin do the job or need costly stuff like analog cables to shine? I have a 400/- HDMI cable and it serves me well. The length requirement will be 'shortest...