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Mogami Cables
  1. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD DAC sold - TOPPING D50 DAC 2x ES9038Q2M 32bit/768kHz DSD512 XMOS U208 Black

    Sold - Topping D50 DAC Purchased about 4 months back from AliExpress for 14.5k plus customs 2.3k (16.8k). Expected price 12.5k including shipping . Will include one power adapter which is not part of default sale package !! complete packing and accessories available. Reason for sale - Moving...
  2. M

    For Sale Denon dcd-1420 cd player for sale, made in Japan. Working condition 10/10,cosmetic 10/8, remote not available. Optical Digital output. Coaxial, fixed,

  3. amit11

    Optical toslink cable - mini on both sides

    Hi Friends, Is there any mini toslink to mini toslink cable optical available? I do not want to use the connector and attach, it degrades the quality. I have 4 optical cables. Blue rigger - one side mini and other side normal Blue rigger - both sides normal Stock optical cable which came...
  4. amit11

    Spdif purifier by iFi

    Hi Friends, Does anybody use or have had chance to demo the SPDIF purifier by iFi? It is basically a pass thru for spdif signal (either optical or coaxial), and is said to purify it by reducing jitter / reclocking etc. It sits between the transport and the DAC. Normally our transport which...
  5. amit11

    USB to optical/coax

    Hi Friends, Will a USB to SPDIF (optical / coaxial) convertor, change the sound signature via its output (opt/coax)? As an example, there is one such convertor 'Signstek'. It takes input as USB and outputs opt/coax and also RCA. Chip is PCM2704. Now, I am not interested in its RCA output...
  6. K

    For Sale A/V Accessories Part 1

    All these listed here were from my AVR setup, was collecting dust. Hope it would find use somewhere. Thanks for looking. 1. Speaker Cables DAC 14AWG - asking price 70/mtr 3m - 4 cables (these were used for bi-amping) 15m - 1 cable (was used for the surround, the other cable gave it...
  7. S

    5.1 output of Samsung LED TV via Optical Cable

    Hi, I use a Samsung 40" LED TV (2011 model) with a USB source to play *.mkv files. The TV is connected to an amplifier (Denon 1612) via an optical cable for audio output. In such a case, will the TV output 5.1 channel audio via the optical channel or will it always be PCM? I have read in...
  8. ShutterX

    Where to buy an SMSL sd 793ii?

    Hi folks, I wish to buy an SMSL sd 793ii DAC/headphone amp. Have been looking around for a seller who ships to India but cant really find one. My intended use is PC SPDIF to DAC to integrated amp via RCA. The headphone amp is a bonus. Can anyone suggest where i could buy this product or...
  9. F

    HELP Please! No sound. Driving me nuts!

    Getting no sound from receiver while trying to listen to Pandora that I downloaded to TV. I've tried everything, please help. Cable from wall to comcast cable box. HDMI from cable box into Denon 887 receiver "IN" Then HDMI cable going from Denon 887 "monitor out" into Samsung PN51D8000...
  10. A

    Onkyo SR600: Poor output at low volume

    I have a 2002 Onkyo TX-SR600 which has seen relatively low use through its life. In fact from 2003 until 2012 it was lying unused as I was out of the country. This receiver does not have HDMI inputs but does offer Optical inputs. Inputs to the RX are Optical from the LED TV, which in turn has...
  11. R

    5.1 speakers with digital optical i/p

    recently bought LG 42 LN5710, it have only digital audio out. kindly suggest any 5.1 speakers with optical i/p, under 15K:)
  12. mks_sharma21

    coaxial input to optical output coverter

    please suggest where i will get a good and cheap coaxial to optical adapter .... for hd settop box coaxial out to home theater optical in
  13. R

    Choice between Zotac AD04 Vs. AD10

    Hi, Am in the process of putting together an HTPC. Will be using it for HD movies and music (mostly FLAC). Am trying to decide between Zotac AD04 and AD10 for an OpenElec or XBMCubuntu based system. While the configuration for AD10 seems to be better, it doesn't have an Optical Out. Would...
  14. S

    Optical wire or coaxial for Denon

    Hello All, Can i use an optical wire instead of coaxial one to connect my Creative Audigy 2ZS sound card with Denon 1312. Sound card has a 3.5mm jack labeled "Digital Out" S/PDIF coaxial output (please see below). Also could you please let me know how will the input plug look like...
  15. S

    HELP! Do I need to buy a HD DVD player for True 5.1 surround

    Dear all, I am a new member and want your expert advice. My set up consists of Samsung 40" LCD 40D550 Denon AVR 1311 Polk Audio RM6750 Speakers NO DVD/HD Player as of now The very reason I bought this specific Samsung TV is that it supports many video and audio format including Bluray...