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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. A

    For Sale 4K UHD Atmos HT system for sale

    Hello FM's I'm planning to sell my 4K UHD Atmos HT for sale. Optoma UHD 65 Projector - 1 year old - 2.1L ( Includes Ruipro fiber HDMI cable & projector mount ) Marantz SR 6012 - 1 year old - 80K SVS PB2000 Sub - 1 year old - 80K ( Includes QED Sub cable & SVS Sound path isolation ) Xbox One X...
  2. Santy

    For Sale Optoma HD66 projector

    Bought from Amazon.com, US about 3 years ago In excellent working and cosmetic condition, just about 650 hours used. 720p HD resolution 4000 : 1 contrast ratio 2500 lumens brightness Native 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio support D-Sub, HDMI, S-Video and Composite video inputs Supports 120hz...
  3. N

    Life of DLP Projectors

    Hi every one, I am planning to get a projector - probably Optoma HD21. I have been reading about projectors a lot in the web and one of the things that concern me is that most people have issues after a year of using the projectors, especially the DLP ones. I plan to use the projector for...
  4. determinus

    Another DLP vs LCD confusion (HD33 vs TW6x00)

    The reason ======== I have been a lurker in the forum for sometime. I have been thinking of starting a new thread for advice. Been impressed with the projector experience, but decided to wait for techology to mature and prices to come to reasonable levels before buying. Full HD 3D at 1 lac is...
  5. G

    Interest check- Price for 30 hour used Optoma HD600X projector

    Hello everyone I have Optoma HD600x 720p projector which is roughly 10 months old bought from England with bill. Its in near mint condition and has been used for roughly 30 hours since the setup was not ready when I got the projector. Now Parents are going to Canada in July so I am...
  6. C

    3d projector? optoma / epson

    hey there.. i m planning to build a dedicated home theater.. but more on that later.. for now.. 1. is 3d projection the way to go? or should we still stick to 2d and 3d may be 5 years later? 2. i was thinking of going for optoma hd33 but the heavy costs in india, made me change to hd 21...
  7. N

    Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ does not output 1080?

    Folks I just picked up the Seagate FAT+ media player with the excitement of finally watching some HD content on my Optoma HD20. I've mated them over component connection (more on why component over HDMI later) When I turn on the media player, the Optoma recognizes it as 480i!!! I was expecting...
  8. Tracer29

    upgrading my exisiting 5.1 system

    hi all, Want to upgrade my system which is as below in my signature with floor standing speakers and retain the existing Klipsch center speaker,room size is 12x10. 1)Any problems in pairing different speakers 2)My budget is 20-25 k and can stretch more but since my room size is small would...
  9. N

    LCD/Plasma Vs. Home Theatre Projector

    Hello to all This is my first post on this wonderful forums which I found few days back and I am off to my very first query to the Gurus here. I am having a 29inch CRT and thinking of upgrading it soon. I have thought of following two options : 1. Buy Plasma TV (Panasonic 42G10) or 2...