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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. A

    43 inch Amazon basics fire TV for HDR gaming?

    As some of you may know i was crashed and burned with Sony X90H issue, and that was sorted but now i come to know 2021 TV releases are still 3+ months away from release and i don't want to waste money on TU8000 or sony costly big brand TVs, I'd rather save as much as possible for new TV and...
  2. A

    Offer related purchase queries for upcoming 2021 TV models

    Only TV Brand interested in based on my specific requirements towards gaming. Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic Focus on only upcoming 2021 models, LCD/LED models including the new mini led and qned based models, and oled models. I had a horrible uniformity issue on Sony X90H which i had to get a...
  3. D

    Hi Guys, Planning to buy HTR-3072

    Hi all, New member here. I was looking into buying an HTR-3072. I had an old Panasonic SC-DK20 Home theatre. The main unit broke, but the speakers are still working fine. I was thinking of coupling the Receiver with the said speakers. Except the sub woofer, all speakers have 6 or 8 impedance...
  4. Ghostrider

    Re: 50inch TV for second home

    Hi, kindly advise smart tv for second home, will be used usually over weekends and will be opting for 50 inch, will be taking dth and need option of hdd or later use some media player, as of now need advise on running brands MI / TCL which are in range of 25-35k but not sure on quality and...
  5. M

    Panasonic 2019 GX750 BOOKED

    Just booked GX750 TV. I feel the wait was totally worth it. Ok, there's nothing on any websites about this tv. Even Dealer did not have any material about this. From the tv label could make out following things.. Supports HDR10+, DOLBY VISION, DOLBY ATMOS. HCX processor which was used in 2018...
  6. V

    SOLD 50ST60 Plasma TV

    Moving abroad. Hence putting my entertainment equipment for sale. Item available for inspection and demo at Yerwada, Pune. Shipping at buyer's risk and cost. Panasonic 50ST60 Plasma TV. Original box available. Very rare Panasonic ST series plasma offering very deep blacks and a very natural...
  7. L

    55 or 65`? Oled or Qled? - Pls help!

    I have had a 42 inch Panasonic plasma before and I gave it to my parents long ago. I am getting a PS4 and hence started to look for a TV again. Initially I was not ready to invest lakhs or rupees on a TV set! And I am not even sure how durable they are. Anywho, I was planning to get TCL 55' tv...
  8. gurubhai

    For Sale DIY Capacitor Clearance

    Over the years, I have gradually managed to build a no longer neccessary stock of capacitors. Looking to shed some flab: Elna RE3 6800uf 16V Rs.50 each Elna RE3 1000uf 35V Rs.20 each Elna RJH 820uf 50V Rs.30 each Elna RJH 22uf 50V Rs.10 each Elna RJH 120uf 63V Rs. 20 each Elna Silmic II 47uf...
  9. A

    For Sale Panasonic X10 (TX-P42X10) 42 Inch Plasma TV

    Hello FM's, I am selling my Panasonic X10 (TX-P42X10) 42 Inch Plasma TV. It is very well maintained and in very good condition. Please see the pictures and feel free to ask any questions. Expected Price : 21,500/- 42X10
  10. L

    Panasonic Plasma 42GT20D - panel cracked :(

    Hi... Reaching out to this forum to seek advice reg Panasonic Plasma TV The panel of my 4 year old Panasonic 42GT20D cracked. :( The TV doesnt turn on at all - when I switch on the power LED initially turns green for couple of seconds before changing to red. The screen doesnt turn on at...
  11. R

    Should I import my old Plasma and projector or a new TV?

    Hi Guys, Panasonic 42" 1080P Plasma TV - TH-P42U30 I really love the PQ on my Plasma. The resale value here is very bad (like INR7k) so I'm thinking of carrying it back to India on TR and getting a projector as well. Obviously buying a new TV is more attractive - but based in Australia...
  12. G

    Does anyone have an idea of the new Panasonic Shinobi TV range?

    Does anyone have an idea of Panasonic 2016 range Shinobi TVs ? How do these compare alongside Sony, Samsung, Lg?
  13. A

    Any views on Panasonic DS630D

    Hi, I'm on a lookout to buy a new 50inch TV, replacing my 8 yrs old 32inch TV. I have visited few showrooms and was interested in LG 2016 model, not all of them in B'lore have them yet. However, I was curious to know how good is the Panasonic Viera DS630D Shinobi Smart TV. They are available on...
  14. A

    Looking for a 40 inches TV under 35k.

    Hello, I am looking for a 40 inches full hd LED tv under 35,000. I have checked Panasonic 40C200D priced at about 32k and Micromax 40C3420MHD priced at about 24k. Some suggest me to look for VU too. Which one should I go for? Should I have faith in companies like Micromax and VU or go...
  15. A

    Which 55 TV? Sony or Panasonic

    I plan to buy a 55 inch TV and as such have been researching a bit of the same. Previously I had a Samsung Plasma TV 5 Series of 50 inches. The picture quality was great and the 3D was excellent. However, the TV gave up in 18 months time and now I have to look for a replacement. Am not...
  16. V

    For Sale Panasonic Plasma Vierra VT-20d 50 inch TV

    Dear Forum Members, am putting up my excellent coveted Plasma TV for sale due to an upgrade to 4K... Details of the TV(Model : TH-P50VT20D): ---------------------------------------------- 1. Purchased Date : 26-10-2011 (Approx 4Yrs +) 2. Warranty : Extended warranty of 3 Yrs expired...
  17. drkavint

    panasonic 60cx700d my new tv

    hi, i purchased 60 inch 700d model panasonic for 2 lakh with 2 glasses and 3 years warrenty . its been a month , since i wanted to play around then post review, i took long gap. next few days i will be posting review.. my old tv was 51 inch plasma 1080p samsung.. many people will still remember...
  18. drkavint

    55cx700d panasonic

    hi guys does any one has viewed or purchased 55cx700d. it is around 1.5l, iam interested to buy... waiting for diwali offer.. have a choice to select this or 60as700d (1080p for 1.3l) .. just waiting for diwali sales..
  19. cybervinay

    For Sale Panasonic projector replacement lamp unit ET-LAE1000 for PT-AE4000, PT-AE400

    I have for sale the original replacement projector lamp for Panasonic AE4000 series projectors. I have sold the projector and does not need it. This is brand new and unused item. The package was opened to take pictures only. I bought this earlier as a standby lamp but never required to use it...
  20. K

    Toshiba 32P2305 or Panasonic Viera L32SV6D

    My first post here - trying to be as much to the point as possible. Looking for a TV for the bedroom. My key requirements are video quality, sound quality and side connectivity options in that order of preference. Usage will Tata Sky, USB/HDMI and Chromecast. Have zeroed down on Toshiba...