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  1. C

    IPS vs VA Panels on TVs (Brands, Series, Models) in India?

    https://www.gamingscan.com/ips-vs-tn-vs-va/ * I am hence more inclined towards the IPS pros as I will be keeping it at 4/5/6 feet for 4K UHD @100% * (Currently testing 43 4K at 3/4 feet - this will mostly be 50/55 4K a bit further using a reclining kind of seating). - * That means with...
  2. L

    Are all Active 3D televisions having VA panel?

    It has been extremely difficult finding out if certain television has IPS or VA panel. Some where i found that all Active 3D televisions will have VA panels while passive 3D will have IPS panels. Is that correct? And if a television is not 3D then is there any criteria to find this out?
  3. S

    Bose Acoustimass 5 speaker front panel repair

    The acoustimass front panel has come off. How can I stick it back? Which glue is the best? The internal of the acoustimass is some kind of cardboard.
  4. M

    Better 2D PQ - Sony W700 or W800

    Guys, In terms of 2D PQ between Sony W700 and W800, which is better. Does W700 have local dimming. Think W700 uses VA panel. Does it mean it has better black level than W800 using IPS panel. Help me out in selecting between the two. Budget 85k, Viewing distance 7 Ft , 3D not a...
  5. Santy

    Home-made Acoustic Panels!

    I got a limited quantity of Glasswool from some source and decided to put it for good use. And I am glad I tried it. The difference it has made is quite amazing. I now doubt if people who endlessly upgrade their audio system without focusing on acoustic correction of their room, are going in the...
  6. A

    46inch LCD Panel has failed. What to do with the rest of the system?

    Hi today the engineer confirmed that the LCD panel of my 46inch Sammy 5 series is faulty. He said a new panel will cost around 50% of its MRP which could mean 40-50K. Its obvious its not worth getting it repaired at such prices. So assuming I go for a new set, what resale value does rest of...
  7. Rupam

    How to check usage hours of Sony Bravia LCD

    How to Check your Sony Bravia Panel Usage Hours From Remote Press Display (I+) 5 Volume - Power Gets you into the diagnostics screen which shows the hours. The bottom left 5 numbers are the hours Next 5 are boot count and last 5 are the lcd panel hours.
  8. S

    How to check for Panel type in new Samsung D5000 LED TVs

    Hey Guys, I am a regular on this forum, I was wondering if there is any way to figure out whats the panel type in the newly introduced D series Samsung LED Tv I am looking for the D5000 LED Models Please pitch in your thoughts